1. No need to try...healing factor is already putting all resources into healing bruised throat and prolapse sphincter...

  2. Imagine being 35 but look like 15, live in your parents garage and cos playing comic book heroes all day

  3. 30 years old, but taking pictures in the garage that a 12 year old would do thinking it makes him look tough. Complete with a puberty mustache, trying to show off a 12" bicep.

  4. You look like you keep nunchucks under the seat of your rusted-out 1978 pickup, just in case you run into some zombies while driving home from Clint's Bar and Live Bait Shop at 2:00 a.m.

  5. Looking at you, it is no wonder your right arm is more buffed out than your left.... Next time that you are in the garage...leave the engine on...

  6. Put the claws down, the only thing you’re cutting is contact with whatever girlfriend you have now when she inevitably gets a restraining order like the last 5

  7. hes been banned from every strip club and preeschool near him, because he just cant understand the meaning of, no touching,

  8. You’re so soft when you wear a tank top it’s considered a “wife threatener”. Soy Benjamin Button lookin boy…

  9. I may not be able to overload your healing factor but at the age of 30 I'm surprised you haven't given in to hanging from the ceiling factor.

  10. I just came here to say that this pic makes me instantly fucking hate you. I bet you're a douche and a half with a small penis and a Napoleon complex. Lots of little dick energy in this pic.

  11. Man why did your healing factor shrink you into the size of a dwarf? The only logical reason is that maybe it’s so that you could fly away from predators by flopping those monstrous ears

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