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  2. I wish they would have continued shooting in New Zealand. The cinematography was breathtaking. The natural backdrop was 10 on 🔟.

  3. I’m concerned he won’t be back in seasons 2 after his true nature (assuming H=S) is revealed and I’m bummed because I really like him as an actor. Plus he is nice to look at.

  4. For real, I was worried it would be canceled. Just because there have been pain points in S1, doesn't mean S2 can't be amazing.

  5. The first season was wrecked by studio interference, it should of been the hottest show on TV but they didn't let them tell the story they wanted to tell. Instead we get 20 producers all putting their 2 cents in and end up with an absolute mess of storylines.

  6. I hope they recast Galadriel, that actress fully made me tap out of the show. She’s so bad.

  7. Would the assumption be here that since the mountain has exploded, for a lot of the scenes that take place around it, the landscape will now be heavily CGI’d? Therefore there wouldn’t be a need to be based over in New Zealand as they won’t filming as much of the the Southlands in its natural form? I guess other parts of NZ would still feature though

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