1. Yeah I have mine on a mount like this. Just gotta flip the camera around by taking it out of the ball socket and putting it back in upside down. The lights are a bit upside down with the rain covers on the bottom, but it works just fine

  2. You can definitely do it. And you don’t need to modify it at all, it’s just that the lights will be upside down which doesn’t matter at all. I’ve got four ring floodlight cameras installed in the eaves like this

  3. To tag off of others, I’ve done it many times. The only thing is the ball pivot only allows the camera to tilt up so far. If you’re trying to cover a driveway or small yard, no problem.

  4. just a thought: Mount your ring cam to a vertical board and mount the board against the horizontal eve, or mount with a couple of L brackets. This way the cam is against something flat and vertical…. Doesn’t have to be upside down…

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