1. It was only a dozen or so stops, right? IIRC he said there would be a podcast following Revolutions.

  2. I swear he mentioned stepping back from podcasts to do a speaking tour, but that he already had an idea for his next podcast but the timeframe might be 2024.

  3. I can vaguely remember him saying something along the lines of he will still do podcasting, but they will be bigger drops spaced out, rather than a regular series.

  4. I get the impression he's burned out on the weekly podcasting schedule so something that's not a podcast certainly. Or if a podcast one of those mini-series style 4 one hour episode things. I sort of wish he'd keep producing Revolutions and find a host he trusts to pass the torch to. Take 10% and be a consultant? Wait, maybe that's the news?

  5. Yeah, finishing this series with Russia and looking at the long, enticing list of 20th century revolutions mostly in the third world does leave a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved basically every series but it is kind of wild the show covered 4 separate revolutions in France and doesn’t even get within ten feet of the Cuban, Chinese, or Iranian Revolutions

  6. I'm pretty sure he mentioned that he was going to take a break from podcasting on one of the episodes. I think he mentioned something about doing tours and being in a band or something. Anyway, I wouldn't expect anything for a good while after revolutions finishes.

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