1. God damn, Trump was literally planning to sell nuclear secrets and the identities of our spies?

  2. He has literally given away signal intelligence & exposed gathering techniques & sources before endangering allies' agents. He has no remorse about getting our agents killed either! The American public needs to know why he had those materials & what he intended to do with them!

  3. They’re not that big a threat. They aren’t going to do shit, like all bullies and cowards. The ones who think a civil war over this piece of shit is a good idea are the kind who try and attach the FBI solo with a nail gun. The worst they are going to do is cause some damage, and sadly probably harm some people, but they aren’t going to take over anything. A movement is over when it can’t win hearts and minds and starts just making threats. They aren’t growing, and they aren’t going to grow. They know they can’t win legitimately, and now their idiot pig god is proven to be the traitor we all know he was. You have to be really stupid to think the FBI actually planted evidence, or that the least popular president in history had to be cheated out of an election he was certain to lose. The guy who attacked the FBI? He’s not some low end outlier. That’s who these people are. It’s the same ones who were at the failed coup, and for all their talk, it took one dead traitor to end it and send them scattering like rats. These people are cowards and bullies and think they’re entitled to get their way, but they’re more likely to taze themselves in the balls than actually do any damage. They aren’t to be feared. They’re to be stigmatized and shamed out of existence, and then you hunt down the rest like the terrorists they are.

  4. FBI is absolutely right to pursue the espionage channel. And please black out republicans, MAGA and Fox tantrums, just keep your eyes on the ball: Trump is a traitor.

  5. He is… and I’m seeing a lot less trolls around here. Must be that irrefutable evidence of a felony that’s keeping them from showing their drooling faces

  6. Unilateral “calling dibs” isn’t legal. There are channels and procedures that need to be followed. He didn’t. These docs probably wouldn’t qualify as they’re likely TCI docs.

  7. Any other source besides Newsweek? No offense, as much as I'd believe this, this gossip rag isn't a good source of info and shouldn't be trusted immediately until we can further verify :/

  8. There aren't many other things besides espionage that warrant SCI classification. Nuclear details and strategic defense details are the only other categories I know of. "Exceptionally grave harm to the US" is the general description for TS/SCI. And by statute, of course.

  9. The “I accidentally took it hone with me” doesn’t fly. Classified documents have to be handled in a certain way. You don’t just lump them all together in a pile and accidentally scoop it up… although it’s not like that’s any less egregious. I don’t think there’s any doubt he did it intentionally for his own benefit but if his excuse is that he was just that careless with information that could get people killed and threatens the security of the country, is that any better? That excuse is basically “oh no, he’s not a traitor! He’s just really careless and stupid!”

  10. I hardly consider Newsweek a valid source. If I saw this corroborated across many sources with some indication as to the root source I might post it but... Much as I don't doubt it I wouldn't trust news from Newsweek.

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