1. Little review of my latest purchase from Hont. Original Factory Tag Heuer Aquaracer 43mm in blue. Total cost was 2550 CNY which came to £325. This included free shipping and also a free box.

  2. Amazing deal, and beautiful timepiece. Kudos on the bonus free box. The overall package looks stunning. I did a double take when I saw the box with tags etc.

  3. I’ve been eying this piece for a few months now. Like you, I also have a Gen calibre 5 but it’s the black Aquaracer. Really want to get this in blue so I can do an accurate comparison. Great deal! How would I get in contact with this Hont? Can you dm me his info?

  4. I just ordered 2 Aquaracers from Original Factory. They are known for using gen cases, bezels, dials, and movements in their Tag Heuer models. I’m so excited to receive mine. My TD said these actually sell as the gen on the market.

  5. Oh cmon now, that is simply not true, it's a decent rep but let's not get in a circle-jerk about it. Bezel is diferent - lume pip is easy tell, dial is also similar but not same, the grooves are shallower and the yellow text is slightly diferent colour than geniuine.

  6. To me these are minor, especially for the price. Case back does not bother me at all and to be honest I wouldn’t of noticed any differences in the pip if you had not of said. Certainly isn’t noticeable on wrist. Saying that, I do have some other photos where the pip doesn’t appear to be as far to the right as on this photo.

  7. No they are not. Original Factory goes by OF and sometimes OTF. Original Factory uses gen parts for their Tag Heuer line. They’re the best Tag Heuer reps you can buy (they can’t really be considered a rep because the only difference is that you didn’t buy it retail for 10x the price)

  8. I had the authentic black dial version of this. Sadly I miss it. I sold a car to buy it $2,600 shipped to my door. Pawned it to fund another watch purchase and got into some trouble and went to jail and lost it in the pawn shop. Now I'm looking at getting an authentic omega seamaster full size 2018 or newer.

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