1. It was so awesome! The atmosphere was electric, it was easy to navigate and was well organized, as well as the stage on the arena side kept things fun during gaps in racing. It was also my first time in the Netherlands and I loved it! Will definitely be back again.

  2. I'd be fricken' pissed if I had shelled out good money to sit in wafts of acrid orange air. Especially if it triggered my asthma.

  3. There was a bag check at the entry gates and a lot announcements that it was illegal to light flares. It was in almost all Dutch Media that the guy who threw a flare on track during qualli was given a beer shower and handed over to security by the public. At least in the area I was standing (corner 13) only a few where lightened after the race, nothing during the races. No asthma trigger for me.

  4. Be sure to never be near the finish line if you are ever at a GP, there is also a lot of official fireworks usually.

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