1. Dude's just annoyed at how the parents are making so much noise over the distinct possibility of their children being murdered.

  2. The videos of officers using their calm and friendly voices while threatening peoples lives or man handling them stresses me out the most. I get that it might be a tactic for them to stay cool under pressure. But drawn fire arms is realistically at the peak of any confrontation. Which is why videos like this piss me off. How is it that threat of deadly force is presented before calm reassurance? I’m guessing ignorance, poor training, and racism (it doesn’t have to be conscious). And then people who have never been in this type of situation have the nerve to be like “just follow orders and don’t resist.” For some people, police confrontation will always be a life threatening experience (not just for POCs but poor folks and other “description fitters” as well). We spend our lives avoiding physical confrontation. And here comes officers fuck face looking for an excuse to abuse his the unreasonable amount of power he holds. Obviously people are people. Not all cops are shit heads. But in general, they are all strangers with buddies and guns. Panic is a natural reaction to threat. But the untrained civilian is supposed to show more patience, understanding, and tact than the goddamn officer.

  3. This is something that fucking irritates the fuck out of me. They immediately pull their gun and escalated to potential for lethal force. Scum.

  4. That’s how it works. The “trained” police officers are allowed to be jumpy as fuck and shoot to kill at the slightest provocation or sudden movement. But 12 year old black kids need to remain calm or die when they’re mistaken for criminals.

  5. I don't get that at all. Can he force a person not to be on their own lawn? The incident was happening a house or two away from the action. Is there a law that prevents you from exiting your own house?

  6. Sooner or later, the cops are gonna meet the wrong parent. They’ll go back in the house, get their AR15, and waste the cop through the window. I have no idea how the cops think this sort of shit is in any way sustainable or reasonable in the long term. They’re going to get people killed, including themselves.

  7. I might come out and shoot a cop in this situation. I don’t care what their job title is, point a gun at my child and we’re off to the f-cking races.

  8. Mam, mam calm down… I’m only pointing a loaded firearm at your children with my finger on the trigger…why are you overreacting?

  9. At some point they're gonna try this with some guy who got back from the forever wars with a serious case of PTSD and we're gonna have a full on Rambo situation.

  10. When he told the kids to come closer and the one on the ground got back up to do what he said I thought for sure I was about to watch a murder.

  11. That’s the point of jump out boys. Spreading fear in black and brown communities is their goal.

  12. The officer lacked communication skills and was not clear enough: he probably meant for the farthest kids to come near the other ones. But in a situation where they point a gun at you it's unreasonable to except someone, especially a young teenager, to understand unclear information.

  13. Yeah. She is obviously legally allowed to be on her porch but he's basically pointing a gun in her direction yelling for her to go inside. Feels like an unlawful order at that point

  14. The cop literally said: “Come over here. Keep your hands where I can see them and get on the ground.” How do you follow these directives? This is how people get shot.

  15. Yeah. You can see one of the boys from the closer group get up to "come over here" but then immediately be told to get on the ground. So confusing.

  16. "Come over here" was addressed to the kids in the back who were walking away. Officer failed to clarify who he was addressing, so the kid in the front thought it was for him and stood up.

  17. "Get on the ground" then "come here". When the kid tried to follow the come here order the cop went back to the "get on the ground". These types of confusing and conflicting order can and have lead to the cop shooting a "suspect". This is a gross lack of training and maturity on the cops part.

  18. When you're yelling "get on the ground" and "come over here" at the same time, you are intentionally trying to come up with an excuse to shoot.

  19. They constantly yell conflicting orders to the "suspects" all the time, this is nothing new. Just watch many of the recordings and you'll notice it almost every single time.

  20. That one boys' cry sounds exactly like a kid I used to babysit, its so jarring and disturbing. This is seriously heartbreaking, those poor babies.

  21. My stepdaughter is 12 and the idea of her going through something like this is horrifying. Old enough to understand they're in real danger, not old enough to depersonalize it.

  22. The amount of time they held them under gunpoint is seriously disturbing. The kids are freaking out and cops are doing nothing to defuse or deescalate. Nobody can stay composed for long under that kind of duress. it's a miracle these kids didn't go into fight or flight and get killed.

  23. Pretty sure these kids aren't even teens. They sound like 10-12 years old at the oldest. No way any reasonable person pulls a gun on these children. Fire these cops and charge them with brandishing a firearm.

  24. To be honest that sounds like an insane assylum caller. Used to work at a psych hospital every now and again one of ours would call out a bomb threat or some shit and they’d drop by to let us know

  25. OMG! If shooting hoops outside, where a mom can SEE them from the house is "the wrong place" where CAN those children play and be safe from police and gun terrorism?

  26. Sounds like an old racist POS upset that children of color dare be outside or make any sound. So they call in something that sounds insane to get the quickest response.

  27. Let their imagination run wild? Lol you’re giving them too much credit. More like a person saw some black kids and wanted them gone regardless of how it happens.

  28. Dude, the police department doubling down and saying the cops handled it professionally is so infuriating. I really don't like living in a world where a grown man can pull up and immediately draw a weapon on a group of kids while yelling confusing orders and then be told "yep, that's how we wanted it to go down."

  29. You're one of them socialist commie countries, who cares what you guys think? America is the greatest nation on God's green earth! /S

  30. Canada too, if that gun leaves your holster, there's gonna be a whole mess of paperwork to do, and a ton of questions you need to answer. We're not perfect, we have our problems too, but I am SO glad our cops aren't as cartoonishly incompetent as American ones. It's scary who they let become cops in the US.

  31. Well dont you guys also have strict standards for drivers license too? If it wasnt dark 23 hrs a day id be moving to finland

  32. The justification is that it's harder to get a drivers license in most countries than it is to become a police officer in the US.

  33. Justification is the police department’s in America are essentially fascist pigs who power trip and get a hard on from shooting innocent people or endangering the lives of innocent children(as you can see in the video)

  34. Well you see, they're black so they're instantly a threat and he has to be ready to immediately kill them for no reason other than getting a paid vacation.

  35. Person reported teens walking around with a gun and you find teens walking around with a gun-shape object so you draw just in case.

  36. This happened to me and my friends when we were like 11/12 in front of our house. We were on the ground and my mom came out screaming to not hurt us because we were just kids. Officer didn’t care was going to arrest some of my friends that “fit the description..”

  37. I can relate. My friends and I were held at gun point when were at a skatepark during summer break. Apparently there was drug bust two blocks away from the park and the three people (two black and one latino) ran towards the park. We "fit the description) and later we found out that one of them was well over six feet, and the others were fat guys. We were skaters kids with long hair, not zero heads. Being a POC automatically makes you a suspect I feel.

  38. Got that talk too. Grew up in a while family as the only colored kid and never understood profiling and what it even was until it happened to me. It’s such a world flip because you believe cops are there to protect then all the sudden guns are drawn and pointed at you for what? Walking down the street? My dad had to explain to me how since I was “different” I needed to be more careful around cops even if I’ve done nothing wrong

  39. The cop: "Man, this 40 year old, 6ft tall white guy sure does look like a short black kid. That cashier totally fucked up the description"

  40. Using the justification of "fit the description" when someone clearly doesn't should be criminal as fuck. Because the purpose is to kidnap, torture and potentially murder someone.

  41. Always film the police. Always. They cannot be trusted. What prompted the officer to draw his weapon? Where was the threat? I couldn’t see anything.

  42. People who make these false reports should be held accountable after the police find out the caller lied to get a quicker response.

  43. I hold them in the same regard as I would any criminal gang. The bad these officers do far outweighs the good. They are an extension of the government that is now oppressing people. It’s time to start holding someone accountable for change.

  44. Welcome to America. Where civilians aren't civilians. Were all enemy combatants. Unless of course you're a "proud boy" or some shit. Then of course you've got all sorts of cop buddies ready to let you get away with shit.

  45. All civilians are enemy combatants unless you are an actual enemy combatant trying to violently overthrow the government. Then you are a patriot and more than likely a cop.

  46. Typical cops. Just give all kinds of dumb orders that makes no F sense at all and then start blasting because you follow order 1 and not 2,3,4,5 that this shit gave after that.

  47. Was expecting a rare video of a cop being heroic. I got a cop being a regular cop. What an asshole - no bounds to their complete idiocracy.

  48. Shit like this makes me think parents shouldn’t be afraid to point a weapon back at cops. Cops want to sue the line of “I shot them cause I felt as if my life was in danger”, same shit should apply to people who feel as if they’re life was in danger from cops and ESPECIALLY in the case where their children’s life was in danger.

  49. Legally, there are situations where you'd be justified in shooting an officer who was acting outside the law and threatening your life.

  50. The basic expectation that they're not supposed to pull a gun on someone unless they're being threatened... that doesn't seem too hard to comprehend. These guys though, out of the car, couple kids, guns drawn? F those guys. No wonder these kids will grow up hating cops, I do from just watching this shit.

  51. Lets traumatize an entire community and teach them to hate cops because the most important thing is that I make it home at the end of the day and approaching a group of 12 year olds is way too risky. Why don't people respect me?

  52. I hope this officer sleeps good at night knowing he just pointed a loaded firearm at a bunch of kids playing basketball It’s literally videos like these that make me nervous to just be outside Back in my day there were kids everywhere all the time in the streets in the woods just doing normal kid things and now a days if our kids did the same things that we did they might get shot over it

  53. Cowards. Police in the United States absolutely should not be allowed to carry guns with live ammunition. Yes, more police "may" get killed. OH WELL, don't do the job.

  54. Obligatory: ACAB. They've been successfully traumatizing whole generations of black and brown kids since slavery was abolished.

  55. Our cops just have far too much protection. You could step in here, but you'd get arrested or murdered. You could take it to court, 99% chance nothing will happen though and there's a chance you'll get gang stalked by that police department. There's a reason they're called the biggest gang in the US. For this to change it's going to have to be done at the highest level.

  56. If we’re giving people a job where they get to run around in public with a badge, gun, legal immunity, and the right to shout commands and execute anyone who fails to follow their commands, shouldn’t we at least make sure the motherfuckers can shout clear unambiguous precise exact unpretentious non contradictory commands while holding motherfuckers at gunpoint? For fucks sake.

  57. I’m sure these kids won’t go on to feel stigmatized, and like they portray a negative stereotype they feel they have to then fit. No, an event like this could never possibly do such harm

  58. Thank God that that pointed their weapons at a group of young kids playing, very brave of them! Now, all of these kids will be anti-police/authority for the rest of their lives, with good reason.

  59. Sure, the kids were scared for their life and crying because the cops had weapons of murder aimed directly at them….

  60. Poor kids man, they just wanted to have some fun and then this fucking idiot comes and pulls out a gun on them. Why not just ask questions from a distance without pulling a gun out if you're scared of a group of fucking kids. Pathetic excuse of a person.

  61. Real men hold unarmed kids at gun point! I dgaf what you think about cops, assholes like these that approach kids with guns drawn without an ounce of assessment are the epitome of what we hate about these fucking pigs! Fuck them all!!!

  62. My mom got busted selling less than an ounce of weed in 85. I was 5 years old and had crashed on the couch the night before when the cops broke down our door early in the morning. The first cop in was a sheriffs deputy and he had some dirty hairy looking gun pointed right at me.

  63. the fact that he’s telling them to “calm down” as if they aren’t 10-12 year old KIDS being held at gun point WITH a loaded and working gun in fear for their life

  64. There is a notion taught at the military commanding officers academy in my country: "If, for whatever reason you pull out your service handgun, you don't put it down before firing". It is to make sure that the officers learn not to resort to pulling out a gun to solve every difficult situation, unless they are committed to go through with it and fire it.

  65. If you that fucking scared of anyone you feel you need to go right to deadly force, A. You a fuckin pussy B. You should not be a cop

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