1. This is a different kind of unboxing video. Lol "hey guys! Officer69 here with another unboxing video for you guys! Today we're opening up a sick new gift received by a citizen we #serveandprotect! Let's see what we got here."

  2. Weird part is that the county sheriff made a statement a couple of days later, and flat-out lied, claiming that no personal property was searched.

  3. Command never ever ever looks at bodycams unless you drag them into a court or a deposition and force them to watch it. It's so they can lie like this without being in trouble, because they were just taking their officers word for truth.

  4. Reminds me of the time I read a page of the Encyclopedia, the morning the report was due for my fifth grade report.

  5. The whole original video, which was posted a few weeks ago, had the cop telling the bus driver he was pulled over for driving in the left lane. The cop claimed that there is a sign that says no commercial vehicles in the left lane. The bus driver assumed he didn’t count as a commercial vehicle because he didn’t have enough axles. I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.

  6. Racism. They’ll use the excuse of drug trafficking or people trafficking to cover their bullshit. I’ve seen school buses like this with the school names printed on it stopped in the same way. Oddly all of those stops of buses were from HBCUs.

  7. Civil forfeiture law in Georgia allows a law enforcement agency like this one to seize and auction any vehicle they can tie to a drug crime, including simple possession offenses like having a vape cartridge or even a leaf fragment.

  8. They were just so sure they had something...they just knew, leaning in, smug, while doing the hard work of searching college girl backpacks.

  9. Lol leave it to these dumb pieces of shit to try to find any little thing they can to force their little dicks into ya so youll fork out some money and fuck your life up. Protect and serve my fuckin ass. Theres no protect and serve anymore. Its, lets see who can arrest the most people for the dumbest shit we could possibly think of.

  10. Pompous pricks if I ever saw any. I truly want to be shocked however sadly I can not. Poor and minorities always get the screws put to them and are not given the same rights as others. Time and time again police use their positions of power to make people feel so little.

  11. The 4th amendment is supposed to prohibit unlawful search and seizure. Meaning law enforcement isn’t supposed to take or look through your stuff without a warrant. They have ways to get around it.

  12. It’s almost like it’s not about the law at all. Like they just care about being the ones with the power. 🤔

  13. Loll look at how dumb these motherfuckers are. Four overweight red faced white men playing soldier on the side of a highway.

  14. The SCOTUS is going to overturn Roe. There is no more 4th amendment. If the government can control your uterus, they can open your gifts for you.

  15. I’m so tired of the American Nazi Gestapo police. This kinda stuff js why I moved overseas. Giving up my American citizenship as soon as I get another passport. Embarrassed I ever served in the military there

  16. Pathetic gestapo shit. I’m not one of those people who is anti-cop all the time. When they do a good job, they deserve praise. But this garbage pisses me off

  17. Seeing shit like this is what has made me one of those people who is anti-cop. Supporting even a single cop is indirectly supporting this corrupt hierarchical power structure that allows cops to abuse the system.

  18. fun fact, the courts have ruled that it is legal for police to steal things because no one has told them its against the law ..... i really wish i was exaggerating on this but that is near verbatim of the court ruling

  19. Can we stop calling cops 'pigs'? It's truly an insult to those intelligent animals that we associate their name with fucking cops.

  20. "I gradiated in the bottom tird of my class and now I are a srgent in mah poolice departnent. I can arest you. So donut arque wit me, I will put you in jail. I have a Gun with Reel bullits. And Maces. And a shockey thing that hurts real bad.

  21. And had the goddamn nerve to say they didn't go into anyone's personal belongings at the press conference!

  22. No one in the US has concrete rights. Give me a right and I'll tell you how you can be deprived of it in certain circumstances.

  23. The idea of a gift from a caring family member or friend is so foreign to them that they assume it’s gotta be drugs. What a bunch of fucking losers.

  24. bus full of black women from another state. Just leaving the state after winning a lacrosse match. Seems they knew ahead of time who was in the bus.

  25. They cracked the case of the book safe present! They need accommodations, extra merit days off and a pat on the back for shitting on the Fourth Amendment.

  26. If ever there was a case to limit police powers to search everything in the whole bus and all the baggage of all the passengers - solely on an drug dog indicating on the outside of the bus - it would be this one

  27. "I do not consent to any searches." Always say that, regardless of what the police tell you. Always assert that you are NOT allowing them and that it is NOT voluntary. Get it on film.

  28. Important police work. If you’re out there with a gift still wrapped… don’t worry they’ll open it for you.

  29. Ain't it cute that you're so worried about this "war on drugs" that you opened someone's present and then try to justify it by telling your partners that you won't tell her what it is. Your war on drug is a waste of time, and yer fightin a battle that you will not win.

  30. i haven't seen the show in probably over a decade, but i'll never forget the Squidbillies episode where he defends his murder with "he looked at me cross-ways!"

  31. It is all fucking cops tho. They are all privileged morons. They are like fucking magnets when they see an opportunity to do the wrong thing. I fucking hate cops so much. They are so blind to what they are causing on other people when they have this level of suspicion, I'm assuming, just because she is black. That idiot really think he did something! He really thought he would find something...they are all idiots

  32. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/delaware-state-universitys-womens-lacrosse-team-pulled-georgia-searche-rcna28212

  33. Many times American police will lie to you about what they are and are not allowed to do, in order to trick you into giving them permission. Courts have ruled that police are allowed to lie to you if it benefits their investigation or safety.

  34. It reminds me of movies with cavemen discovering some advanced alien technology. These jackasses having a hard time realizing it's a gift and it's brand new. Idiots.

  35. "She said she did not know what it was, it wasn't illegal, but I don't know why she did not tell me what it was".

  36. In what fucking universe do these cops think that a bus driver being in the wrong lane is probable cause to search anyone's belongings?

  37. I live in Georgia and the majority of cops here are just like these assholes; violating rights of people of color and anyone else they deem as less than.

  38. Police officers should have to go to law school, before becoming an officer, so they actually understand the law they're claiming to uphold. The amount of times I've seen cops spouting shit that is obviously untrue, thinking people are stupid, but people are slowly getting a grip on law themselves, so when cops spout their nonsense, we know they're in the wrong. If you're ever in that situation, record everything, say nothing, and then take them to court after they finish harassing you and breaking your personal rights.

  39. Such a rabid thirst for a search for drugs, drug laws have eroded away our constitutional rights, when will this madness stop?

  40. Is it normal for the cops in the US to stop what seems like a randombus and start checking the passengers' papers and belongings and shit? Because that's pretty fucking weird and gestapo-y

  41. Bout the size of a doughnut 4 piece box!?.. Sniff ... Rip.. Open.. Yeah 4 adam 80, we have what appears to be a white powder dusting and a dubious filling, we're looking into it behind the squad car now....be advised on napkins Rodger.. This is Rodger , bringing napkins over..

  42. It's interesting that so many Americans view the Constitution as a "divine" document, but they allow the government to violate it without accountability at any turn.

  43. Hey, it's in a cop's mandate to violate your rights. Police are more important than people who are not police. The government says so. /s

  44. What about my rights to not have such terrible audio. I get that it was windy and on a highway but I can’t help but feel that these body cams can be modified to block the wind some can’t they?

  45. The fact that they know what they are doing is wrong, but when need to be held accountable, they struggle to see where they go wrong…. Lol

  46. Wow WTF ... Tells a teenage girl, Who most likely has no idea about the extent of her 4th amendment rights, That they HAVE to open it because what? Drugs? Did they think it was a litteral brick of cocaine? ... FFS when will cops finally be held accountable and stop violating people basic human rights.

  47. Heard from a guy in the know, If you are taking any weed with you in your car to put it in a USPS Priority mail box sealed but no address. Those evidently are a little trickier to gain entry legally im guessing or it could be because you get to go to a nicer Federal Pen instead of county jail.

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