1. This dude now wonders why his adult daughter went no contact. I hope she moved out on her 18th birthday and never looked back.

  2. I’m sure she grew up to be a well adjusted young lady. Ya right, she probably doesn’t speak to her father anymore and has a 53 year old boyfriend that’s on parole. Dads probably dead, shot his dick off when he clicked on a video he did t agree with in 2015.

  3. I’m 20 but I remember watching this when I was like 11-12 on the news before going to middle school😂

  4. Yeah I remember this from back then. It also had very little to do with doing chores and more to do with her bashing her family on social media if I remember correctly.

  5. Pretty much a given. Good news, she'll probably be "Linda"and not eome off the wall stripper name like Chastity or something equally as misleading.

  6. The saddest part about this is when he says “the hollow points are $1 a round…. good times… good times.

  7. Correct. If I remember right, this dad only had something like a 10% disapproval rating on average poles that I saw.

  8. Kinda glad people seeing it differently now cause maybe it's cause I don't live in the US, but airing your family's dirty laundry out in the public like this didn't seem appropriate.

  9. I mean he’s not wrong minus the recording it and shooting the laptop. Should have just taken the laptop and had a talk with her.

  10. Why do people put all their personal business online like this? I suppose for internet clicks and clout. You realize you could have just wiped the device and filmed yourself pawning it a the local pawn shop. What a goober.

  11. Have you ever seen real IT people? Phone holsters everywhere bro. What the hell are you even talking about. IT people are fucking dorks.

  12. As an IT guy don’t take your stuff to the tech guy that spends $130 on software for personal use. What a dink.

  13. these people are always angry about the way their kid behaves but its like... thats your kid, you raised them.

  14. To be fair if I clean the floor and you make it dirty with your boots afterwards you are an asshole. Who wears boots in the house ya savage?

  15. My question is how did he go to high school, college and work as a volunteer firefighter at the same time. Isn’t high school a prerequisite to attend college unless he’s some kid genius (no offence but I don’t think that’s the case)

  16. Dual-enrollment probably. I don't know how common it is, but it is essentially taking college classes for high school and college credit simultaneously.

  17. Not necessarily, I knew kids in high school who were enrolled in college classes, but then again most of those guys were in AP classes and were definitely higher than average intelligence.

  18. I always love these videos, because they’re definitely made for the parents. If they really wanted to punish their daughter, they’d punish her. This is for her embarrassment and their joy in embarrassing her.

  19. Pretty much what it boils down to. Taking a kid's laptop away is punishment. This video is performative more than anything.

  20. If you blow up her laptop, how she gonna see her post. 😂😂😅 Jokes aside, the most surprising thing about this video is that he works in IT.

  21. He’s angry she’s using Facebook to insult him, yet he uses it to punish her. Kids learn by example. If you want your kid to stop spreading family business on Facebook, stop doing it yourself.

  22. This may be an unpopular opinion but this dad seems like a dumb son of a bitch. You spend the money on a laptop and then shoot it because reasons. You could have just sold it she still doesn’t have it and you look less like a maniac. Now I don’t know what kind of communications the dad had with his daughter before this but he comes off like a guy that doesn’t do a lot of it and more like a dad that defaults to “because I said so”. Guys seems flabbergasted that his teenage daughter is acting like a teenager. Fuck that guy.

  23. Thats my takeaway as well. If your kid is misbehaving, taking away things like electronics is fine but making a point of showing that you dont value money or belongings seems like a bad message to send.

  24. I had to grow up with parents like this as soon as i moved out of home I stopped talking to them. its been almost 17 years and i never felt better.

  25. I'm on dad side too I mean it's not like he did things perfectly, but it really wasn't that bad. A socially visible punishment for a socially visible infraction...

  26. These dumbfucks ALWAYS have to give a monologue, don't they? I have to think they truly relish the power of their authority since it's LITERALLY the most power they will ever wield their entire sad, pathetic lives.

  27. The gun was a bit extreme, but let's not skip past the part where this girl thinks she's living in a third world country. 😂 Like, come ooooon. Sweep the floor? Wipe down the counter? Put away the dishes? Make your bed? She is going to implode when she gets a real job.

  28. Gunowners: "I need my guns to protect my family from home intruders, my community from mass shooters, and my fellow countrymen from the tyranny of Obamaterminators."

  29. So a grown man, a father no less, angered by a commentary his daughter made on her facebook page expressing her feelings privately, responds by pulling out a handgun loaded with hollow point bullets and shooting her laptop publicly...and what exactly does he think it says about him? And people ask me why I moved from North Carolina to a more northern state. Pfft....

  30. I'll be honest I would get grounded by my parents for months on end. I don't think it helped my behavior however. I actually think I've gone through some pretty traumatic experiences, as I was being often grounded for bad grades. Looking back on it I think I would have done better if I had help with schooling or a tutor. My parents were too busy for that, and due to bad grades, I got grounded.

  31. Such an asshole. I mean there will be no daughter father relationship with him in the end. I don't get parents like this and I have 3 of my own, they can be difficult and obstinate at times. Sounded like the fb post was a truthoffmychest post and the kid needed to vent, not more oppression in the end. Rule with an iron fist they say. I mean look at history, that never works in any authoritarian regime.

  32. People are trying to justify this in the comments but it's pretty obvious that he's just pissed at the daughter and is taking a temper tantrum.

  33. I missed the part of her post that said something about her mom specifically. I rewatched it twice but didnt hear it? Did anyone catch it or was this assumed to be a comment made during an argument or outsode of facebook?

  34. The only thing I could think of is about the coffee part where she had to pour a cup of coffee for Mom possibly

  35. Kinda creepy how some of the comments here boil down to “heh, she’d be good at sex now, huh?”

  36. So who was the child. A kid who wrote something or the man child who destroyed the laptop computer. I could understand taking it away from his daughter and talking to her about how hurtful she was and keeping her from having the computer for a month or more but dad's act of shooting it and posting it is very childish.

  37. I can agree with most of what this guy is saying. I agree that she was super disrespectful and entitled and that laptop and phone privileges should be revoked. HOWEVER, this dude massively overreacted about this. A 1-2 month hiatus from any social media would likely be an effective punishment albeit a little harsh. But to shoot her laptop and revoke all technology until college is way over the top. So while the daughter shouldn’t have done what she did, and a punishment makes sense, this reaction is completely nonsensical and childish.

  38. Tell me you voted for trump, don’t believe in the vaccine and think the election was stolen, without telling me any of those things

  39. He moved out and lived on his own, went to high school, college, was a volunteer firefighter, and worked 2 jobs... All of this at the same time... At the age of 15/16? 😂

  40. No matter how old it is, there are still overbearing, controlling, childish and immature asshole parents like this all over the place, especially throughout the South. And the fact that his wife was in agreement with him? Man, I bet she was out at 16 or 17. As a father of 4 teenage girls, I know I'm not perfect, and teens can be lazy asf, but at least I know 100% my girls will be there to wipe my ass if I ever need them to. Hopefully I don't.

  41. Wish I could report this for not being even remotely close to a public freakout, let alone the fact that this video was made when dinosaurs still roamed the internet.

  42. Well, shooting her laptop was extreme, but in the context of whatever place he lives in, where guns are common I guess, this is a pretty appropriate response.

  43. This is what all parents and not liberal societies should parent. All the problems we have today is parents who didn’t give a crap about there kids and never taught them consequences of actions. I applaud this guy for this. The world would be a better place if parents not societies or governments parented there kids properly.

  44. My hero!! Freaking ballsy yet real! Teenage girls can be a nightmare (I know, I was one!) and if this doesn’t teach her a lesson, I’m not sure what will! IT to IT, it hurt to watch bullets go into that pc!

  45. It’s almost as if being a shitty parent has a direct impact on they character of a child. Parents seem like entitled twats, so it’s now wonder they raised one in their own image.

  46. Not everyone is meant to be a parent! When you need a .45 to discipline your kid; you might as well go join a cult, and their convoy!

  47. This guy's just dumb. Instead of shooting it and wasting your own money, why not... Take it away?? If you REALLY want the money back, make her pay for it back? Genuinely don't understand why he'd do this if not to show what a big strong American he is

  48. The amount of public humiliation and abuse parents use is sickening. My dad did shit like this and now I don’t talk to him hardly ever

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