1. Start with a low dose and see how that goes first. It may work, it may increase the anxiety to a panic attack. If you can keep a benzo on hand incase.

  2. I'll be honest even people without anxiety. Taking them is a very reasonable case of massive anxiety. Yes I know that what I'm saying isn't very helpful but its the truth. The help will come by overcoming your fear and gaining some new experience of the world. Take 2.5 the first time a dose worth being a little intimidated by

  3. It's all in your mind, literally. It exists nowhere else. It is your inability to accept responsibility for your own thoughts. And the thoughts that you have are the ones you are creating. Anxiety is a fear of something that has not happened - an imaginary scenario you create in your mind. Take responsibility and stop it. When one of those thoughts pop up, be aware... as you should be in every moment, but sadly about 90% of all human beings run on autopilot. As long as you keep telling yourself you have anxiety, you will. Banish that shit. You are god... This is your world, everyone else just lives in it. You ARE God, your mind is your kingdom. It is your sacred space for eternity. Rule it well.

  4. Set and setting is what you need to focus on. But if you are taking an ego death dose for the reasons you mention with tendencies you say are intrusive and dark, I would expect a Journey. The very nature of what you want to do ( eat a large dose) in your situation is going to require you to except a certain level of letting go and lack of control. You buy ticket, take the ride. If you have never tripped before maybe it would be wiser to start with 1.5-2 grams and get an idea what this is all about? I’ve had huge insights on 2 grams and intense trips where I forgot I was married with kids. Both had value.

  5. Anxiety before taking mushrooms is completely normal and different from the constant anxiety as a disorder. You're about to have your preception of reality completely changed, of course it's a bit scary for anyone. Important to remember mushrooms are the least harmful drug our there, there'll be no physical effects whatsoever, and if you're doing it with a guide/sitter there's nothing to be worried about. It's going to be fine. The come up will be scary, as id you're being shot into space, but once you're there, you'll experience great peace and comfort and your worries will go away. Just don't resist it and surrender to the experience and what it's going to show you.

  6. Take lower doses over months instead of thinking one dose is going to cure you. It doesn’t work that way. I’ve cured decades of anxiety and depression taking 1.5-2 grams about monthly for the last 3 years. Nothing happens instantaneously and will leave more even more desperate thinking so.

  7. If you don't mind me asking. How was your anxiety before and have you ever had cardiophobia? I think that is my biggest problem and I want to heal myself of that. Would you have any insight on that? Mine all started after my deployment and ever since then, my anxiety has latched to my heart despite being told by multiple cardiologists that I had a perfect heart.

  8. It’s good to be anxious around taking psychedelics. It shows you’re approaching then with the respect they deserve. Don’t let it stop you though. But please make sure you have a trip sitter with you when you trip. Set and setting are everything. Get it set up the way you want, with the sitter you want then take the plunge! I guarantee it will be good for you (that’s not saying it will be easy or even pleasurable, although it may be the most amazing experience you ever have)

  9. You don't need to be shrooms shows potential for helping anyone who have anxiety or treatment resistance and depression it says. The idea is to use it along with a good therapies rather than as a standalone in which I can recommend you a good thrarapies who will educate you and make you understand everything you need to know?

  10. taking drugs in attempts to rid urself of a mental problem is just dumb dude. if u need a bandaid rly badly n are sure u don’t have the will/strength to do deep diving right now, go for it, but sober progress will be longer lasting, and if u allow urself to be vulnerable enough, won’t just create more issues/convoluted ways to hate urself that mask themselves as solutions

  11. sobriety isn’t a virtue. some of us need more help than others. some chemicals help me face the enigma better than others. I like LSD more than mushrooms but they both have healing potential. OP, follow your intuition. There will be moments of unsureness and fear, sit with them and smile towards it. And you don’t have to go deep your first time, dip your toes in the water with maybe a gram then dive deeper after.

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