1. I really like the doll house episodes. Also when the moms get stuck in the basement thinking they met Charles lol

  2. The dollhouse will always be hard to beat....specifically when Spencer's parents cut the bullshit and do what they need to do to find her.

  3. When Hannah was in the hospital and Ali went visit her. I remember she said something like "You think the truth is some shiny disco ball? Being honest is how ended up where I am. Go ahead, tell the truth, see where it gets you. You're always better off with a really good lie". I think that dialogue pretty much sums up the whole premise of the show, and it also made me feel so curious about Ali's mystery.

  4. Definitely the Santa scene from the Christmas episode, with all the bed buddies on the stairs in their underwear and Paige in her tank top!

  5. That’s my favorite too! For some reason the scene where Spencer and the girls are trying to find Emily after A kidnaps her during that magic show and they track her location and turn around, see Red Coat running away, and immediately chase after her has to be my favorite scene in the entire show and tbh I have no clue why 🤣

  6. My favorite scenes are anything with Spencer/Mona being locked in Radley.. like they’re phenomenal actresses and those scenes are so eerie… love them!!

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