1. As always, LibLeft is being blamed for someone that wants to increase taxes on individuals in order to enforce their ideals on others. These people are obviously Auth, but don’t try to tell PCM that or you’re just siding with Emily!

  2. Second comment rings true tho, an average lefty will call a white guy a fascist for having similar beliefs to an African

  3. Yeah pretty much. If you’re white you’re bad if you’re a person of color you can do no wrong. Saying this as a very far left woman of color. I definitely still think a lot of white people say a lot of bullshit but I don’t like how minorities are put on a pedestal as if they can’t be bigoted either, or that it isn’t common when it’s actually very rampant.

  4. Some of the nicest people, they get forged through some god awful shit some of them and come out the other end with a mission to do good that infects their whole personality

  5. true from my experience too, my swim coach is from nigeria, and he is one of the nicest people i’ve ever met

  6. I've had the pleasure of working with several people from Ghana, Nigeria, and Morocco. Super friendly!! Also they all have family that are either lawyers Doctors or Engineers.

  7. Most immigrants I know are doing very well. It's almost as if the American dream still applies. We tell our kids and young adults that it's over and they have no hope. Yet, I know more immigrants with money to just randomly vacation. Their bills are paid, family is fed...

  8. Yeah there was a group I met while in college. One of the best conversation groups I have ever been in. They had extremely different experiences from me so I really learned alot.

  9. Yeah I think this is my current stance, I vote blue because the right hates my demographic but I agree with a decent chunk of their social ideologies but not their way on financial policy.

  10. After elections, when it turned out that Trump get a lot of Latino votes, treads on Reddit were full of libs saying that the reason for this was that they are primitive, their culture is violent and they love dictators.

  11. I work with a bunch of Vietnamese immigrants, ages ranging from mid 20s to 70s, most are really good dudes. One is a veteran of the Vietnam war fighting against the north, another is a US Marine vet who did a tour in Iraq. All but one that I've met are very conservative and big Trump supporters. There was one particular instance where some new guy wore a vintage Hardee's shirt... a red shirt with a yellow star... these old Vietnamese dudes flipped the fuck out, thinking he was a commie.

  12. I’ve met tons of Africans at the school I teach at because we get a lot as international students from places like Kenya, Uganda, some other countries, and a ton from Rwanda.

  13. Yeah libleft, maybe we should ban immigration from third world countries because their social beliefs are so backwards

  14. Social beliefs don't matter to libleft only identity group. If you're from the correct ingroup, libleft will spam propaganda until Pavlov's dog looks like a free spirit.

  15. Yeah, people don't realize that a middle class lifestyle in the US would be considered an upper class lifestyle in the majority of the world.

  16. Based. I’m from Tlemcen. Spot on too. Our government just likes that sweet oil money. Although the new government is corrupt still. But they’re giving the people peanuts now at least

  17. Leftoids view back people as their pets, they treat then like children. Now let's be honest... Kenya is a 3rd world country, Africa is a poor continent, and yeah some things about it are barbaric. HOWEVER leftoids don't understand that not ever "pOc" is some enlightened leftoid. Quite Quite the contrary, especially with Africans Africans are conservative, ESPECIALLY the muslim ones. Honestly though the fuck do they expect Africans to vote for??!!

  18. Man, immigrants and children of immigrants are some of the best and kindest people I've ever met. Sure, some of mine and their beliefs don't align, but neither of us hate each other for it. We either talk civilly about it or simply don't talk about it at all.

  19. I’m sorry, but I cannot honestly condone a country that gave up the opportunity to elect Wajackoyah. If there are any Kenyans reading this, I must say, I’m disappointed.

  20. Whenever I think of Kenya I think of Usain Bolt. And then I think of the time my dad compared me to Usain Bolt. It was the best compliment he ever gave me.

  21. Seeing yourself as "culturally enlightened," as compared to those who don't live in a culture similar to yours, which are not "enlightened?" Very healthy way of viewing the world.

  22. When I was in the army there was a 34 year old Kenyan in my squad who joined to get his citizenship. Fastest two mile time I’ve seen

  23. Was talking to a man from Jordan outside a bar the other day, man was shocked to see how many gay people are in California lol, he told me that never before in his life did he ever see a gay person

  24. alright let me explain: for a lot of under developed countries, about a half to a third of the population lives in or near poverty. For scale, like 10-20% of people live in or near poverty in developed countries. What that means is that in countries like Kenya, theres still a significant amount of people who don't live in a shithole, but not in the same development as the West, however they still maintain their conservative values.

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