1. What if it was modded to cycle through all the flags? Wouldn't that have been funny to watch the meltdown over.

  2. Jesus christ that article is so pathetic. "The story is in stark contrast to Spider-Man, where the protagonists call hate groups and provide a friendly neighbourhood to everyone." Spider man isnt real you delusional fuck.

  3. At this point I'm just going to kick back and wait for this fucking attitude to finally catch up to them. All it does when they make moves like this is fuel even more homophobia.

  4. We're in a political climate where bait is indistinguishable from political discourse, and it both alarms and amuses me.

  5. Imagine when they find out there are LGBT folk that are fucking sick of rainbow marketing. "What how can you hate Nike for child slavery? They're allies!!"

  6. These are the people who freak out over idiotic things - me wanting to kill elder scrolls elves suddenly turned to me being a genocide supporter irl.

  7. It’s not. By definition it includes all Americans. Yes, including the alphabet mafia. There’s no conflict whatsoever in flying both.

  8. Trying to imagine the meltdown if they had changed it for the Gadsden flag..the "reeee" heard round the world..

  9. The reeee on reddit was more than enough already before mods took it off rgaming. I got hammered with downvotes for explaining these mods take 5 seconds to do and aren't the work of some basement Hitler slaving away for hours on end.

  10. I once had a lady flip her shit and try to get me kicked out of a place for my "racist neo-nazi" gadsen flag tattoo. Mind you, I'm sitting at my table with a black guy, a polish kid and jew. Obese white women will get offended over anything

  11. Plus do you know how many mods there are that slaps a pride flag everywhere, hell there’s more mods that do it with the trans flag than the actual pride flag ones.

  12. This is such a critical distinction to make, the mod is optional. They're freaking out now over giving people the option to play a game in a way they disagree with.

  13. Literally nothing. So of course the mod was removed, the user was banned, and the cowards at nexus issued an apology for its existence. Oh how society had ‘progressed’.

  14. Man, gotta get this off my chest. The original gay rights flag was perfect. Its a rainbow, it encompasses everything, everyone's equal just different.

  15. I think they think "Removing the flag means the mod makers and downloaders don't approve our ideology. And we cant tolerate people who not approve our ideology. For the sake of humanity this mod must be banned. "

  16. Can't you download it form somewhere else? I'm not a gamer so I wouldn't know, but back when I was young I used to download mods from google and forums

  17. Anyone know if there's archives of the mod or it being distributed outside of Nexus? Might want to download it when I play the game for myself lol

  18. all I want is to commit hate crimes in games and a have some fun, but no, you had to take that from me and now I'm obligated to do it in real life

  19. Kinda reminds me of a video of Spider-Man throwing a bomb at the pride flag and saying “Not gonna lie, feeling pretty good about myself”

  20. My hatred of the flag and community have never and will never have anything to do with people being gay. In fact I generally assume that everyone is bi unless stated otherwise. It's just a community that I have learned to hate. The amount of censorship, ignorance, and undue tolerance is ridiculous

  21. Nah, use it more! Aren’t you authrights supposed to be good at making symbols associated with hate?

  22. Honestly the wokies don't even make any bloody sense, they don't think ahead and just make outlandish statements. Some of the most hypocritical people you can find. Really feels like they are just a bunch of preschoolers with unmonitored internet access.

  23. Nothing wrong with that fuck the nonstop political bullshit in video games and fuck the lefties

  24. Better yet, its a random choice between US flag, Thin Blue Line, Gadsen, and Dixie flags, hit all they hate.

  25. Play 4D chess with MSM and demand them to take down all of their American flags at their headquarters and fly the pride flag instead. If they refuse, call them homophobic.

  26. I do prefer the American flag over the other. But in all fairness, I prefer the ol red, white, and blue over anything other flag. So, I am just biased. I don’t care who you fuck to begin with, I just like my flag.

  27. I can't imagine it would take that much time or effort to swap out one rectangular texture file for another rectangular texture file.

  28. man that sure is a shame that they got rid of the pride flag. If only there was a flag that was intended to represent freedom for all 🤔. Oh well, maybe we can make one.

  29. Some sort of domino effect I think. Once you take something that's supposed to represent a group and you single out one of that group, chances are lots of others will want that same recognition. It's why you don't give special treatment in situations like this.

  30. What happened to "It's just a piece of cloth!" when all these infants want to burn the American flag? Hey the pride flag is just a piece of cloth, right? And this one is just a digital image of a piece of cloth so it's even more worthless right? Fuck off with this bullshit.

  31. Thats the secret: everything is offensive as long as terminally online Twittards can take advantage of it for oppression points

  32. The American flag was historically used as the world’s first inclusive symbol of liberty. So many youths have been brainwashed to be ignorant of that reality.

  33. Is it really homophobic to say I don’t want to look at lgbtq flags? Gay people are cool, but man I don’t care for the flags. Really, any statement in general.

  34. The American flag isn’t homophobic, still it’s funny to imagine somebody triggered enough to remove a pride flag from a game

  35. Are there any US flags in the game by default? If there's ONLY pride flags I'd like a mod that randomizes each flag every play session so some are pride flags and others are US flags, for variety's sake.

  36. Kinda reminds me of a video of Spider-Man throwing a bomb at the pride flag and saying “Not gonna lie, feeling pretty good about myself”

  37. Some people here can be absolutely stupid beyond belief. It's a mod, it's optional. It's giving people choice. That doesn't make the mod author "triggered".

  38. I've never played the game, are there only every pride flags and no American flags? I suppose its understandable if he wants a bit of patriotism here and there, but if there are some there already then yes, this is wrong.

  39. I'm british, by the way, I couldn't care less about the American flag personally, but I'd get a little bit mad if a game set in England had no George's or Union flags but plenty of non British flags.

  40. Oh no, they took down the pride flag, like literally everywhere does 11 months out of the year. Yeah, I can see some people melting down over this. Heard the mod creator got banned from nexusmods over it, even though the American flag makes more sense anyway.

  41. To be fair, I would much rather have gay/lesbian/whatever characters that are actually characters, have interesting backstories and personalities, and actually get to grow as people rather than typical woke pandering bullshit. Makes for a far better story.

  42. Idk man but is it me or isn't a flag representing everyone of said country more inclusive than a flag which represents only a certain group

  43. Ah yes they call the American flag homophobic. Those soldiers that died for it must feel so proud for our generation.

  44. Maybe I’m out of the loop but didn’t it come out that this “mod” was just something that activates the textures Insomniac developed for the Arabic/Middle Eastern version of the game? If so, big lol

  45. Its funny how the people who bitched about the mod would probably say absolutely nothing about gay imagery being censored in various forms of media to appease the CN/Middle East market.

  46. If Miles Morales ever gets ported, imagine if some modder replaced the BLM mural with some Ukraine or pro-abortion shit, how would they react to that

  47. 20 years ago it would’ve been considered hateful to remove/replace the American flag. I don’t get why it’s hateful to make an OPTIONAL mod to replace a gay pride flag with one of the country in which the game takes place. It’s no Nazi German flag, nor a Westboro Baptist Church banner. It’s that of a country which so many of these people are fortunate to live in, rather than China or Eritrea.

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