1. I'm not sure who you consider to be well known black American poets. I hadn't heard of Phillis Wheatley until graduate school, but she was a ground breaking poet immediately before and a short time after the revolution. There is something of the romanticism associated with the next century in her work, which is cool to see in an era dominated by neoclassicism. I could go on and on about her work. It's metaphysically ripe, and think that's what she wanted people to appreciate more than anything. As a side note, she had this one poem—it was crazy to find in a published poem from something like 1773—wherein she tells a bunch of white students at a university—I think it was what it is now an ivy league—that they need to have more appreciation for their privilege.

  2. Rita Dove is my favorite poet. “There came a Soul”, “Teach us to number our days” are just a couple. Nikki Giovanni is also amazing, “New Colossus “, is fabulous.

  3. I would say look into Zora Neale Hurston. Great Harlem Renaissance poet and author. Her book For Their Eyes We're Watching God is great, hut her poetry is just as superb.

  4. Here are some poetry books I've read that have meant a lot to me. They've all been written by African American authors "Cannibal" by Safiyah Sinclare "How to be drawn" by Terrance Hayes "Prelude to bruise" by Saeed Jones "Helium" by Rusy Francisco (search for him on YouTube, great stuff) "Macnolia" by A. Van Jordan

  5. so, I'm a tad late, but i must absolutely tell you about Frances Ellen Watkins Harper. Poet, novelist, Abolitionist activist, poet. I am not by any means steeped in her works, but everything i've come across has been great and moving. Just... awesome stuff.

  6. Nikki Grimes, read One Last Word, in it she combines her original modern poetry with a collection of famous poems from the Harlem Renaissance. Lots of good poets in there

  7. I'm only adding that you shouldn't underestimate or underrate Langston Hughes. In a way, he's like Robert Frost, in that he seems simple and broad but is actually quite deep and operating on much more complex levels.

  8. You’re absolutely right, and I don’t underrate him. I just figured that most people have probably heard of him, and I’d like to shine the light on some poets that are less well known. Thank you though!

  9. John Keene is an African American Poet and novelist who just won the MacArthur Genius Grant. He is a bit more experimental but an amazing writer.

  10. "Sorrows" and "Blessing the Boats" by Lucille Clifton have carried me through every hard time since I found them. I also love "Won't You Celebrate with Me". She's one of my favorite poets.

  11. Tim Seibles. His collections Fast Animal and Buffalo Head Solos are great. First Kiss is a great poem of his. He covers so many topics. Love, loneliness, politics, identity, etc.

  12. If you're looking for some more contemporary poets for your display, I'd consider looking at Jamaal May. His most famous poem is "There Are Birds Here," but I'd also recommend anything in his collection Hum.

  13. Ok hear my out but I think if you're going to look at black poets, especially in the US, you need to consider rappers as poets because they're achieving the same function culturally and musically.

  14. You're absolutely correct, and the fact that you've been downvoted in this sub is laughable and predictable. Rappers are poets, plain and simple. If you dislike rap and think it's bad, you dislike it as bad poetry. And obviously, there is rap that's good. Really, really good.

  15. Tyree Daye is an up and coming poet. He has one book already, River Hymns, and is releasing another soon. He won a couple of awards for Hymns and was short listed for a few bigger prizes. I think he's worth including.

  16. Lots of good names here already, and many I haven’t heard of (best kind of homework). I’d just like to add

  17. Toni Morrison; Alice Walker; & Maya Angelou, these were my staple. Butter and Bread. Maya's Anthology were my bedtime stories. I remember asking my mother to clarify for me the poem, 'They Went Home'. Lol. I loved my forced reading time now more than ever, back then, not so much.

  18. Well I’m new to reddit so I don’t know if I know any on reddit, but I know this girl from insta, erockfor. She’s pretty cool! Also heatsbeam And this guy, audi_odane_poetry

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