1. Is anyone else living in a city where this is banned? In my area(NY suburb), we can't have a front yard with anything more than 20% flowering plants or vegetation. Literally 80% of the front yard is supposed to be grass, not even clover. I don't know if it is enforceable by the city, but we've been slowly killing off our lawn to turn it into a bee garden.

  2. Yes similar thing in my NYC suburb - no vegetable growing is allowed on a front lawn but there is nothing saying it has to be grass.

  3. It’s borderline sad, that some people will never know how different organic fruits and vegetables can taste compared to the ones from the supermarkets.

  4. The taste difference has nothing to do with organic. Especially since any commercially available organic produce has also been sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers, just "organic" certified versions derived from "organic" sources.

  5. Renting right now (with a dang HOA) but once / if I can find a home this will be my house. Definitely #goals In regards to this specific layout though.

  6. I think the idea, at least how I'm interpreting it, is to replace as much lawn as possible with things like fruits and vegetables and flowers... So, in essence, use your outdoor space to feed your family or pollinators.

  7. We have a fenced backyard for the dog. Fences aren't allowed in the front, so we didn't really have any use for the front lawn. So that's where we put the garden.

  8. Thankfully, HOAs don’t exist where this is from. The whole concept of HOAs would even be considered absurd.

  9. out of curiosity, I don’t want to have two gardens so what would I do with the one out back? wouldn’t the backyard, away from the street, be better anyways?

  10. One for food, one for pollinators. My back garden is mostly decomposed granite with trees and flowering bushes. Works well for lounging on my hammock or having people over.

  11. Has anyone ever ask why the local governing body forbids gardening in your front yard? Just curious. What if you grew them in pits? Technically they wouldn’t be “planted” in the front yard….🤔

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