1. Very detailed, shading looks wonderful, especially on metal and more flesh-like parts of the body. Also love your usage of the blue color on sword and as light hitting bottom part of the character. Well done!

  2. I don't know why the phone aspect ratio really made this pop for me, but it made an already great piece look even sharper. Superb.

  3. Woah, this is legendary and epic!! Zero % lame, perfect lighting and the atmosphere is thiccer than your favorite waifu :o

  4. Amazing details and awesome colors! It is even better than my Megaman character which I drew yesterday xD

  5. This is some next level art. I can't even imagine the amount of time and work you must've put into this skill , definitely one of the best art I've seen in a while <3.

  6. Legitimately one of the best character drawings I've ever seen, pixel art or not. The lighting on the boots from the energy sword is crazy

  7. Now this is a high resolution pixel art and not line art like we see many times posted here. Every pixel in this piece is placed deliberately, nothing seems out of place.

  8. Shading is really cool but his torso in thinner than his thigh. I guess it's cool you're doing to guys what comics to do girls but equality aside, bad anatomy is bad anatomy.

  9. You’ve done my bot Zero more justice than I think I’ve ever seen, it’s beautiful. Small nitpick though, isn’t the Z saber a big triangle? Unless you were going for the OG Z saber. Regardless it looks gorgeous

  10. Thank you! glad you noticed. It's true, MMZ Zero does have a triangle sabre. This design of Zero is my own take and I liked giving him a Z Sword :D

  11. I've been thinking of making one of Omega actually :) Probably gonna do a remake of my X first though. Not a bad idea about the 4 Guardians, gonna keep that in mind :D

  12. This looks amazing!! I absolutely love what you did with the colors, looks so vibrant, the style you made it in makes it look freaking awesome, great job!!

  13. Wow, this is amazing! You can barely tell that's pixel art from a phone. I do have one question though, where did you get the idea for this design from or what was your inspiration for it?

  14. Thank you ^^ My inspiration comes from various iterations of Zero but the main inspiration is from his MMZ design, I love the design work in that series. :)

  15. Wow, thanks! that's great to hear and it's what I aim for when I make a piece like this. I really like comments like these :D

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