1. Shirts off when it clears $75 as Vanguard will recall it's 6m loaned shares so they can drive the price over $156 and get out from under at least part of their underwater position.

  2. I would tell any serious investor to go listen to the last earnings call q&a and tell me these guys don’t know what they are doing.

  3. Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!

  4. For the last trading day we had (Friday), am I the only one who sees a minute candle with a wick that goes all the way to $20?

  5. Not a play for the feint of heart, but longer dated calls and shares seem like the way to go, but seriously, who knows after the 2021 fiasco…I wouldn’t be surprised if every metric is manually overridden now in order to stave off any kind of repeat craziness. Best of luck Gherk.

  6. How hard could this squart? Are we talking about gme Jan'21 numbers -350-400/share. Can't wait until the degens in WSB go full port on OTM calls

  7. I’ve been bagholding UPST since buying in at around $92-103 from January through April earlier this year, and have been averaging down to a cost basis of $65 currently with 80 shares. Think I’ll buy another 20 shares come Monday and see where it goes from there. I genuinely like the company and think their AI-driven lending model has potential to disrupt the industry given how antiquated FICO scores are.

  8. So what is preventing shorts from applying even more downside than we're experiencing now? Can you think of any loopholes we're not taking into account?

  9. Well done per usual. Always appreciate the time and effort of you and your team required to produce quality content. Compelling thesis. Seems all we need is more eyes on this. LFG!

  10. I'm bag holding rev (not surprised), so I have less to spend on UpStart though it's less risky because it isn't going bankrupt. Gherk warns fun but risky.

  11. They basically said that their model wasn’t designed with high inflation in mind and it doesn’t work as it should in the current environment. If you think that inflation is done then this might be a good play. But I really doubt it.

  12. And what about the positions in your other accounts? This makes me look like a shit faced whale and in this crowd, I definitely don't own either part of that description.

  13. Gherk is the man! Never doubt this dudes dedication. Big thanks as always to Gherk and friends for sharing the real news!! Again and again

  14. Here we go again. from nopex to upfart. anything to hype up the tinfoils and keep discord subs/youtube viewers salivating with hopium. how’s fubo and rev doin

  15. Check out Paysafe PSFE, another payment processing company with a new ceo which had an earnings beat in q3 '22 and will crush q4 '22

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