1. 400M market cap on a 8B revenue company is comical, ofcourse they still need to find a way to get stop their numbers from deteriorating. bring new people on, sell of baby and maybe close the worst performing stores. the company is still a household name and i don't see it going bankrupt so buying some leaps on top of shares can't hurt.

  2. Is revenue as important as profit? If I have a company where I give people $100 in exchange for $98, and 80 million people line up for my service, how much would you invest?

  3. I’ll be assigned 500 as well at $6.50 Friday for a total of 1000 shares in my collection. Will make my cost basis about $7 at face value… but I have been selling calls down and taking a position with puts. So cost basis is more like $6ish at this point

  4. I’m getting assigned 300 shares at $20 on 8/17. FML…too expensive to buy back but I was hoping for an OPEX run. Hopefully mid July does it

  5. Man did it get attacked hard. Even a day before earnings there were articles singling it out for cutting back on AC usage in stores.

  6. Not everything is attacked. Yeah, the reports coming out ahead of earnings were bad, but the actual Earnings was abysmal. Nearly 300% worse than analyst estimates.

  7. I see BBBY more like if Cohen had stepped in to fix AMC before it's original run up. It needs a serious turn around and firing the CEO seems like a great start. I doubt there's a case for MOASS with BBBY like there obviously is for GME but still highly likely to be one hell of a play.

  8. The BBBY options chain is screwed up and has no gama max. If it breaks free of the put wall it's a big ?? how high it will go.

  9. I saw some possible DD deleted off WSB now (I think it's posted in another sub but idk this sub's cross posting rules) that BBBY has a peak almost every 18 weeks like clockwork.

  10. You can pick up the same calls cohen did for a couple bucks. I personally believe they will sell their baby line before the end of the year for a couple billion. It’s as very cheap play, so why not. just holding a few calls, no commons.

  11. If RC buys his full stake and then influences to do a reverse split, let's be honest the stock is down 85% over 1 year, so a reverse split would every possible and it might kill that short position and make BBBY GME 2.0

  12. I was wondering whether the price so low, and shorting so high, that a reverse spilt might happen. Also wondering if Cohen has been loading up at these prices.

  13. Right now 1/23 $5 puts are $2.04. This doesn't seem like the worst use of some cash that I'm not sure what to do with. Especially considering it would need to be under $3 by January to be considered a loss.

  14. 8000 shares at 6.80 average bullish as fuck. Also have 90 2024 $5 leaps as of today with a $2.95 average. Either make a mint or lose 80k.

  15. Is it accurate that they have less cash on hand left than they lost in Q1 or am I missing something. Better sell baby or they could be filing chapter 11 by next quarter if that is true.

  16. There is no time or cash left for the Board to deliberate. They’ll need to figure out how they’re going to raise cash before year end bc they just burned more than 300m of their roughly 500m on hand. I’m in it to win it, or I’ll have a tax write off

  17. If that's true, they're gonna need to sell Baby just to survive (assuming RC's board members can get such a deal done).

  18. I don't think he made a play. He used the Icahn method of buying a bunch of ownership to have influence.

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