1. After a really stressful day when I go to sleep I tend to dream all night that I’m still at work and it’s brutal. But I usually relax with video games, favorite tv shows, cooking, studying something I’m interested in, piano, but I can’t ever read after work or it’ll put my to sleep. And I’m a big knitter too which is really relaxing for me.

  2. It is hard to not take the day home. But what I have learned and that we all have to learn how to do. The saying, "Leave it at the door". "Leave it at work when you clock out" is truly true!!!! And it's easier said than done. Because we care. But we have to care more for our own mental health.

  3. I have a difficult time relaxing due to my severe anxiety but when I try, I listen to music, talk to my girlfriend, watch YouTube videos, and maybe anime if I feel up to it. But as for vaping CBD, I avoid it because it had contributed to my stepdad’s death almost a year ago — he had lung cancer.

  4. I seek comfort in hot baths/showers, food, and tv lol or hoping into bed and spending my night on Instagram which is also unhealthy. At one point I was getting up everyday to go for an hour walk BEFORE my shift and I shit you not it made my days so much easier/calmer and I had the energy to tolerate it there but since the weather is cold now I'm not in the mood at all for that.

  5. I have a really good partner I can lean on. Usually after a stressful day we lay together and watch something. Other times, I play a lot of games. Minecraft is a really good de-stresser for me.

  6. TV shows in bed, hot baths, sometimes I go on walks. I try not to rely on the comfort of food because it’s only temporary and will make your body feel worse if you overindulge.

  7. As soon as my car door closes after my shift, I forgot all about my coworkers and the patients. The only ones I can’t shake from my mind are the corporate overlords that are making our lives effing hell by overworking us and under paying us so GD hard. And, for what? They already have more money than they could ever spend meanwhile we’re working multiple jobs to survive.

  8. I go to the gym if I get off early then I take ashwaghanda which really helps with my stress, anxiety, and improves my sleep. A cup of chamomile 2 hours before bed is also great.

  9. when i was a child my stepmother one day walked in the door getting home from work to immediately start shouting “do not talk to me, don’t even say hi to me!” (she was loads of fun) and she immediately marched upstairs. a bit later she comes down and explains that she read or heard somewhere that if you change your clothes after work it helps you mentally move to a new mindset for the remainder of the day. she decided to take it a step further and took a shower before changing. she was still a complete bitch afterward, but she felt better.

  10. I go to my second job of streaming and competing in Call of Duty. Sure it doesn't make me enough money to live on, but I love it and it's my outlet for stress relief.

  11. I find it best to journal after a really hard day to just get out anything that i was holding back. It also helps that after journaling you look back and reflect on what you could’ve done differently, better, etc. Also self care too! taking a bath, doing something you really enjoy, spoil yourself. Remember you are human too and that it’s okay to have moments! I hope everyone has a great week💖

  12. When I’ve got a ton of stress lingering, I have to vent to someone to get it out of my mind. My best friend calls me when i get off and knows I’m going to rant about the BS, that Im not looking for advice most of the time and just need someone to listen. If that doesn’t do the trick…wine and video games.

  13. I imagine a gate with doors around the building where I work. I shut both the building doors and the gate closes behind me. Sometimes it help 🤷‍♀️

  14. Definitely if I put alot of effort that day, then I buy a box of pizza, a tall can and lay on my couch watching an anime. Then that becomes the highlight of that day! It puts me in such a good mood ahhh!

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