1. thank you for the detailed answers and suggestions. I tried my best to do everyone's instructions from this thread. And, have achieved to get enough utilization from both GPU and CPU. Yet, I'm not getting enough fps from games (hitman 3,

  2. Wait now you because you've mentioned it my CPU doesn't list it's temp, do I need to update something for it I already updated everything else as far as I understand. My PC is recently built.

  3. I know this sounds like an incredibly stupid idea and for all I know it could be, but considering you said you just upgraded the GPU, make sure that your PC isn’t defaulting to your integrated graphics in your CPU. The GPU is getting some use obviously but that could simply be as a video output if the games decide to default to using the iGPU in your CPU. If that is for some reason the case that might explain the issue.

  4. you do realise that cpu is at 100% and thus bottlenecking the gpu, right? If igpu was the one used it would show igpu in task manager and for a 3070 to show desktop at 8% usage, despite the number being low, is unreal

  5. I've managed to increase GPU utilization by turning on hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling, but, there is no performance increase, still getting the same FPS somehow.

  6. Guessing that you install the drivers for the gpu already and updated, don’t you? Do you know if in the system>display>graphics the games that you want are getting performance from the gpu?

  7. Some obvious things would be enabling XMP for your ram, making sure bios is setup correctly, making sure balanced power plan is selected, and maybe your gpu wasn’t in the correct pcie slot?

  8. balanced power plan? everyone on the internet saying high-performance power plan is the best for gaming

  9. Looking at your userbenchmark scores it looks like your memory is running under the 50th percentile and it's 2400 hz running in single channel. I have no idea how much performance you are losing but it will be somewhat significant. Just guessing 10-20%? No idea if this could be the basis of your issues or just part of the picture but I would suggest at least getting another stick to go dual channel or getting 2 sticks of 3000 hz to boost your memory speed.

  10. 100% sure the game is being rendered using the integrated graphics. Disable it in the bios and you should be good to go.

  11. I did it from display settings. And managed to get both cpu and gpu utilization while gaming. My gpu finally using for game rendering. But there is no performance increase.

  12. I think it’s supposed to be like that, your cpu or gpu might hit 100% utilization and it’s normal, as long as your temps are ok. It also depends on what you’re doing, certain tasks use the gpu or cpu more than others

  13. the problem is while gaming I'm not getting enough performance from the GPU. It stays in 5% - 10% utilization

  14. You're showing your CPU hitting 100% I don't understand the confusion. If your CPU is at 100% your GPU can't magically make it run faster, it's bottlenecked. Something being at 100% is the definition of a bottleneck. Clearly your GPU can run faster, but if your CPU can only churn out 60fps then the GPU can only do that as well, hence low utilization. It's waiting each frame for the CPU.

  15. yeah, it was the first thing I feared about. But I think I have a decent CPU for this setup to not being bottleneck

  16. Please post your current spec. My take is maybe your CPU has an iGPU, and been using that. Please disable Intel display in your device manager

  17. I don’t think you have enough power. What is your PSU? I also bet your CPU is hot af. Why do you have it that overclocked? What are your temps and what cooler you using?

  18. no, if the power delivery is the problem the system would just freeze/crash/shutoff no matter what psu he's using, otherwise he would probably be asking us here why his pc smells like burning plastic.

  19. Looking at your user benchmark link I noticed you're running a single 16GB stick. Is that correct? If so, that's pretty bad, because you can only run them in single channel. You should be running 2 sticks of same size and speed to run them in dual channel.

  20. It depend on what you gaming too. Is it processer intense game, it of course use more processor. But in this case, it seem like you config the game to use integrate cpu graphic. Install nvidia driver. Go into 3d setting, set to use high performance graphic.

  21. Just an FYI situation regarding Userbenchmark they are a fake and a fraud. They mostly hate on AMD and get them to look a lot worse, but iirc even for older hardware they misinform you.

  22. Go to the Nvidia Control Panel. Go into the 3D rendering tab. Select the game you’re playing which causes this issue. Select your GPU as default manually. This looks very much like a utilisation problem. Your computer could be running all the graphical rendering on its dedicated graphics in the CPU.

  23. Can you install hwinfo and make a screenshot from there instead? Of much power is CPU using and how much power is GPU using while in game? The task manager is not really a reliable indicator. 57 degrees for an idle card doesn't sound right to me either.

  24. Seems like an underpower situation. What PSU are you running? Do you have the 3070 running with 2 separate 8pin connectors? Is the motherboard connected with a dedicated connection to the PSU?

  25. Check what is using the cpu, almost all of the answers are completely off. Its like theyre not even looking at the screen.

  26. I have i7 13700k and 3070ti and the gpu is the one working at 100% and cpu 90% So I can say that yes your cpu is bottle necking. But how low fps? Make sure your OS is on the SSD otherwise that's the problem...

  27. Same issue here. Task Manager is not showing GPU usage. I know my rtx2070 is doing something because I am playing games fine and my Ryzen 5 1600 doesn't have igpu.

  28. You definitely want to get another stick of ram. Also, check your processes tab to see specifically of what is utilizing your cpu.

  29. Take a look under the "Processes" tab, and sort by CPU usage. You've definitely got some kind of CPU bottleneck happening, but it's possible the high usage is something else hogging the processor.

  30. I dont have an answer for your question, but i highly suggest you use resmon(resource monitor) instead of task manager to check the cpu and ram utilization. Task manager isnt really accurate and leaves out a lot of details that resmon will give you.

  31. Are you running a good cooler. I thought the stock one was sufficient but it just hit 100 degrees and throttled the clock back could be similar situation it could be utilising what it give at lower clocks.

  32. Running a 5400 rpm old style HDD will do this to your CPU. Or it could be that 1 stick of 2400 ram instead of having dual channel means you only have 1 uplink and downlink and it has to share the bandwidth between up and down instead of with dual channel up and down have their own channel to run on.

  33. 🤔 Depends what games you are playing, but still should not be at near 100%...occasionally you might get a small spike that would be like a second or under... But not constant... Could be something in settings... Go to nividia control and check your settings..

  34. the screenshot was taken in the progress of the benchmark in cyberpunk 2077. But I'm facing with the same issue in all games

  35. Dont know if you looked at this but, have you checked Nvidia Control Panel (right clik on the home Page /wallpaper) and there you shpuld check if you have the fps limitted in any way or if theres any setting out of the normal. Hope it works!!

  36. Working from a slow mechanical drive at 100%, is bound to have negative system impact. How much space is left on drive D? I assume games are installed there?

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