1. I would love to hear more ! Also, perhaps try keeping a dream journal to help you remember what you dream about and the differences you see in then 🤷‍♀️

  2. You mean fake? Well you don't really have to believe me. I know what I've gone through and how scary it was but I'm not here to make you believe

  3. There are different openings and readings tarot doesn't have only one way to go. You can open for only love life. You can open for past, present and possible future. You can open for current events and there are different rules for all/different card line-ups for different tellings. There are rules to even getting tarot cards. You may be reading tarot sure but just because you don't know the line-up/reading for past and possible future doesn't mean it's not possible.ot means u use a different way than i did. Also i never said in my story i spoke the future. I did spoke the choices and possible plusses and minuses of those choices. As a tarot reader you must know tarot doesn't bring answers usually but more open ended questions and possible answers and outcomes to those questions depending on the interpretation of the reader. And those questions can be based on past or future choices as well. These cosies or things that effects the askers life can be/usually are from the present moment but the reading of these can be linked to the future which then tells a possible future. It's not a certain future as it depends on the askers choice of way but it still is a possible part of the close or distant future. I believe you commented because of my comment about why fortune telling is banned? I explained why it's banned and not how tarot always tells the future.

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