1. I am under treatment for GAD too and I know I have days of anxiety and adrenaline that i usually don't have and i have to put out all the tecniques I learned "breathe, in an out etc"

  2. by implant do you mean an IUD? i have an IUD and it’s basically gotten rid of my physical symptoms but mental emotional ones are still very present during my luteal phase

  3. Man that was well worded. I know I’m not bipolar. I don’t have the highs. And this is specifically on day 15 of my cycle. Every. Single. Month. That’s not bipolar. Stop telling me I have bipolar tendencies. God, I’m in medical school (nothing important, probably won’t even be able to finish because of this here mental problem I have) but in a perfect world I’d love to be a doctor and do actual research on PMDD. My doctor also thinks I have PCOS but I’ve literally never had any symptom aside from those associated with PMDD.

  4. Woman. You stay in medical school and you finish that degree and you fight for all of us! I'm past the age and situation of that being an option. You can do it. And when you feel you can't...you come here. It fucking sucks. I'm so tired of the medical community just throwing us into whatever category is convenient.

  5. misdiagnoses are the absolute worst. if you try the grounding techniques during the 3 weeks that you feel fine, it tends to be easier & more helpful to implement them when you aren't feeling fine (u probably are already aware of this, but i figured id comment just in case!)

  6. Thank you! And no. I don't even think to practice them when I'm not thrown into the "attacks" . I really just think. "AWESOME. I'm feeling great." Then my progesterone drops out and I'm back to square one. I got off my Zoloft 6 months ago. Fog started to lift. Started getting things done and then the PMDD kicks in and I'm back to knowing I can't function with the chest pains and eventually the hours long episodes. I will totally try to practice to them daily. Again. Thank you so much. I posted on here out of sheer frustration and it feels awesome to know anyone understands enough respond.

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