1. I find it hard to tell the male character appart. They look similar and they barely have any distinctive characteristics. And that weird greenish yellowish filter it makes it feel like I am looking at a bunch of indoor sets.

  2. This is so true. And they are minimally featured in each episode to the point that I can't remember their names or why they're relevant.

  3. Same!!! But I’ve been wondering if it’s on purpose. Since it’s supposed to be from the female gaze. They are all the same type and we can’t tell them apart because they’re just there to sit and be pretty

  4. Some of the dialogue is a little odd. I mean, take this opinion with a grain of salt since I’m no longer a teenager, but I feel like at times it definitely feels like some middle aged person’s perception of how a teenager would speak.

  5. I think it’s crazy that Millwood, which is supposed to be run down and everything, somehow has a ballet studio at their high school with students who do pointe? With what funding?

  6. No you are completely right. The way they speak is so ?? I will say it’s better than the Riverdale dialogue but that’s the bare minimum. One thing that made PLL so good was that they just talked normally. They didn’t have to use slang even from the 2010s. Like I would much prefer them talking like “middle aged people”, then them talking like what middle aged people think teens talk like.

  7. did they reuse some sets from sabrina? i swear the restaurant or diner set looks identical to the one from sabrina

  8. Odd little things keep throwing me off. Why is the school hallway so dim? Why would broke high school girls completely deck out a whole entire vacant house with halloween decorations for a party -- EVEN the upstairs hallway where no one is supposed to go? How old are these girls supposed to be? Why does tabitha only speak in references? Was Bailee Madison given directions to make her facial expressions as much like Kiernan Shipka's Sabrina as possible? Why does this dumpy old school have such a nice ballet program?

  9. I miss how characterized the girls were in the og pll. like their bedrooms and outfits all corresponded to their personalities. I know some of the girls have this in original sin too but it's WAYYYY more subtle and I just really miss the aesthetics of the old show.

  10. I get what you’re saying and I wish they did too! I think the only one they’ve been doing that with is Noa and they’re basically just pulling an Emily on her because since she’s the sporty one she’s wearing adidas head to toe LOL😭 But I wish we got softer cutesy pink ballerina outfits for Faran. I’m not sure how to incorporate movies in Tabby’s clothes but I think every sentence that comes out of her mouth makes up for it. And I actually like how Imogen’s outfits are quite fashionable for a pregnant teen. Very Quinn Fabray. I have nothing to say about Mouse…

  11. The forced dialogue is what gets me… I feel like every time Tabby opens her mouth it’s a movie reference. And Spencer did quote a lot of philosophers at the most random times but it was never this bad. And just little stuff like “Basic barbie”🥴

  12. So, even though it led to a lot of unnecessary one-off plots or mysteries that went nowhere, I liked that OG PLL had some filler because you got a really good feel for the characters that way. Things are moving really fast in this show and there's not as much room for characterization as I'd like.

  13. This is mine as well. PLL OG was arguably way too long (I love it all) but it made for really impressive character development. The friendships were so strong and anytime something happened to someone you would feel it with them. I don’t have almost any connection to these characters and by 2/3 through the first season of PLL OG I was so attached to them. I love OS anyways of course but I just wish I could connect more with the characters.

  14. Yeah same. I think a lot of it has to do with the length of the season tbh. As much as I’m really enjoying OS so far, character building is what usually tends to make or break a show for me. Also, getting an audience to care about characters and what happens to them is one of the most effective ways to make the stakes feel higher. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the girls, but, like you said, there’s just a lot more room for characterization.

  15. totally agree with you! I feel like they don't really have personality and maybe that's bc everything is kinda rushed, also the way they became do close in such a narrow time is kinda off and weird

  16. not enough A texts/taunts, maybe im too used to the original and they are just having leatherface actually in the background of scenes be their thing rather than sending creepy stuff all the time. Not sure but there's something off, just seems a little slow with A stuff

  17. I get what you mean. The A texts in the original definitely gave this eerie fishbowl feeling. A seemed to always be watching, but the girls couldn’t actually see A with their own eyes when they received the messages.

  18. Yeah I also miss the A blackmail. Other than Noa why isn’t A blackmailing them? How in the world did A not get his/her hands on that usb drive and blackmail them with it lol. It would’ve been predictable but also yes, expected haha. I miss A using things against them to force their hand. Right now I keep having to remind myself what A has over them to make them keep this from the adults

  19. This has been mentioned already a few times but I’m finding it very hard to personally connect with any of the characters. In the OG PLL I am sure most of us can pick at least one of the liars personality’s that we connected with. Bc the girls all had their own little quirks that made them who they were. These “liars” seem a little one dimensional and I haven’t found myself attached to any of them yet. The closest I got to being invested is the storyline of Noa taking the blame for drug possession & then having to turn her mom in. Other than that I can’t particularly tell you anything remarkable about any of the other girls. (Aside from Imogen being pregnant lol)

  20. The thing I like about PLL is that it's kind of light hearted. Even though it deals with serious issues, it was able to combine humor, fashion, ect along with the dark stuff. I always wanted PLL to be just a little bit darker with their storylines ie: not backtrack on every bad guy. But this show is like the extreme of what I wanted the original to be- it's just too much. To me, this show is just not PLL. Don't get me wrong, I like it, I love horror/thriller/murder mystery stuff but I just don't think it needed to be associated with PLL at all. It's like if they tried to say the show Parenthood was a reboot of Modern Family. Just b/c they're both shows about families doesn't give them the same feel.

  21. Exactly! It almost feels like it’s in a completely different world but not in a good way. Like how Ravenswood was. I like the serial killer element but so far we have no reason to believe why A is even targeting them. In the OG at least it’s because they bullied Mona and Alison died but the motive seems to be directed at the parents so I’m confused?? Also in the original it had moments that were so happy, romantic, funny, and sweet but everything is just so gloomy.. Even for a horror show. There’s no complexity or suspense when everything is always dreary yk

  22. SAME. Also, I don't see the relevance of having an A in this show. A in OG pll felt more centered and connected. Sometimes i even forget that there's an in this show because the real villain is simply just a guy in a leathermask.

  23. I actually think Imogen Noa and Faran are the stronger actresses of the 5. Noa probably the strongest. I think their acting as a whole does need to get better though especially like facial acting? Like it comes off very Jim Carrey. Especially Tabby but it makes sense since she’s quite literally on Disney hahaha. I agree with what the rest you said though!

  24. i feel like were not getting given a chance to get to know any of the love interests, probably an intentional choice for mystery but i cant connect with any of the relationships because the build up isnt really there.

  25. I agree. Characters and relationships are usually my favorite part of shows. Also, in the OG series, A would often use their romantic relationships against them, but I feel like even if they choose to go that route in this series, I wouldn’t even care that much because the love interests/romances are so flat and underdeveloped. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want romance to be the primary focus by any means. Just think that this show is really fast paced and plot heavy which is fun and riveting to an extent, but also causes some other aspects to be neglected.

  26. EXACTLY. Like I know noa is in a relationship but there’s literally no connection or attachment to their relationship. The guy (don’t even remember his name) barely has scenes and he just exists to be nice? Part of why pll was so great is because we had haleb and spody etc. And haleb was pretty well built up in the first season.

  27. I agree with all of the comments here. Also wanted to add, I enjoyed the upper class bougie aspect of Rosewood which the reboot doesn’t have. One reason why I also love Gossip Girl

  28. tabby being unable to go ONE conversation without name dropping some movie with no relevance to the scene

  29. One thing I really enjoyed about the OG show was how at the end of every episode, it would show clues/hints from A’s lair. I really wish they also did that in this reboot too. I know we see bits and pieces of A’s warehouse in this reboot, but I really liked how the original show was consistent with showing us A at the end of every episode.

  30. Though I am hooked to this show's story,will watch it till the end. But here are things which I don't like about reboot.

  31. Agree with most of your points, especially about tabby. Her constant movie references and hyper-feminism is beyond cringe and feels so forced sometimes.

  32. Me too! The thing with the black hoodie was that it could have been anybody in it!! But with this Leatherface guy it’s pretty obvious the person behind it is a grown 6ft tall man

  33. It bugs me that none of the girls besides Imogen had any other female friends before they met. Are you telling me not even Noa, who seems to be popular, had any girlfriends?

  34. I agree! This also happened in the original too. None of the girls had friends besides Hanna having Mona. I remember there was even a thread in the PLL reddit asking if Hanna was even popular because her only friend was Mona. I do wish they had other friends because it’s not realistic.

  35. The clothes are what really upsets me. It’s like they dress them up as teens on a Disney show. And PLL actually had great individual fashion in the first two seasons.

  36. After the first set of episodes I looked the costume designer on IMDb to see if they were actually legit. They haven’t really done much so I think the lack of experience wasn’t helping.

  37. the coloring of the shots & film, it looks like it was filmed in the 80’s. Lol. Maybe to make it appear grunge like?

  38. I don’t like that either and I think that has to do with the creator because it has the same look as Riverdale and Sabrina which isn’t Pretty Little Liars at all

  39. The way immogen moves her face expressions and always like tensing her face ☠️ Tabby's annoying dialogue, but all of them are annoying. No one really has convos like that 😹😹😹.. and The entire twin plot , Tabby's film plot and her hyper feminism her whole " YOUR A CIS WHITE MAN" cringe speach .. there's sm more Lol. Immogen not knowing how to use a Ouija board then screaming out and then tabby quoting Chucky of course 🙄 I swear lmaooo I can only imagine it's gonna get worse and worse like Riverdale

  40. I want halloween episodes like we use to!! I liked this one but DAMN was an OG PLL halloween episode going to be iconic. the intro, the random insane storyline that probably won’t matter in three episodes or even the next, truly undefeated. I also think that a lot of the sets are unrealistic, especially the theatre. when they walk outside it’s real, but most the time I don’t feel like I am in a town with them like I did Rosewood. the school is too overdone. I love the aesthetic of it all, but I also just want a show that has a good plot line and doesn’t try hard on aesthetics. I like it when shows naturally have it, like Sabrina, Stranger Things, Gossip Girl, etc.

  41. Maybe this is me trying to justify the unjustifiable but I think something that made the OG liars friendship so great is that it was established very early on that they had previously been friends that had split apart before everything happened. So I feel like that adds to the chemistry of it all whereas these girls from what they show us, seem to have interacted with each other very little/if at all before this point.

  42. This is so dumb, but the lighting/vibe. While I like the darker lighting because it’s autumn-like, it feels a little too dark sometimes and kind of weird. The vibe also is a little too Riverdale-ey for me. Other than that though, I’m really enjoying the show!

  43. i feel like it’s moving really fast. we got to know the characters and each of their personalities and their secrets in the og, this one’s jsuy jumping right into everything. they also have no calm time like just going for coffee, i felt like we really knew rosewood and what type of town it was and where they’d hang out but this doesn’t have that established

  44. i wish there were more outside scenes in daylight like it was in the original pll. the whole show is kinda always dark and indoors, like they really made use of the closed sets…

  45. the way some scenes go by so quickly and fast and there's no flow between scenes or lead in its just scene after scene after scene no flow and very jarring, it got better the furtherin to the episodes we went but episode 4 and the first 2 in particular were terrible for that,also dont like how they have the monday, tuesday etc in front of scenes , it was fine the first ep but we dont need it every episode just seems odd and while I Love tabby theres way to much film references,I get she likes films but I need to see more of her personality besides consatant film refernces,

  46. I sometimes feel like the OG PLL girls had more depth in them; you could see their personalities from the first few episodes and what they were like. I think this series is rocking it with the mystery portion but lacking on building on the girls’ personalities. You could tell me a quote from one of the girls and I couldn’t distinguish between them, they’re all the same except one or two differences in personalities.

  47. They’re really trying to do a lot of nods and references to past horror films and I feel like that’s cool because not a lot of shows do it but the close ups and downward/upward angles do get nauseating to look at. They should try to make it more their own

  48. I’m not a huge fan of the dialogue. It’s like older people writing teenagers based off of Twitter or what they see online? Like the “why hasn’t she been cancelled yet?” line I’m like who says that lol. I also am not a huge fan of the darkness/filters. I had the same problem with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and stopped watching it because it gave me a headache. I was gonna say there should have been more flashbacks but they’re starting to do it so I’m content.

  49. i don’t care for the sets and how the houses all look like their way outdated. i get that that’s part of the small town feel the show is going for. i just don’t care for it

  50. The only set I like is the movie theater. But I don’t really like any of there rooms and Imogen’s entire house design drives me up the wall. I think the lighting could have something to do with it too, it’s so dark that you can barely see what their rooms looks like since their rooms seem to be covered from top to bottom in stuff.

  51. Dialogue, acting, character development… i was blown away by s1 of pll every episode. The last ep was better than the previous for OS, but I still only like Noa and Minnie. Idc for Imogene at all or Faran.. tabby needs a better script..

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