1. Well in original PLL people complained for how much they showed the guys and how the show wasted hours showing the couples instead of using the time to find A

  2. I kinda agree with op, and i was also saying the same thing. I don't want the show to be about them having boyfriends, but the boys in original sin seem to be there to run errands for the liars, or just to remind us that they have boyfriends or romantic interests. I mean that's fine, but it can't hurt to get some depth to them. After all, a lot of fans love ships, like spoby and haleb in the original. Imo, having the boys there just to let the audience know that they have bfs is a bit boring and doesn't really make it that convincing. But i agree that the longer seasons would have made more characters fleshed out.

  3. Not really. I like we’re focusing on the Liars and mystery more this time around. I like the guys just fine (a change from the original after a few seasons) but I don’t necessarily need more of them especially with a shorter season.

  4. The only have 10 episodes and tons of characters and history to show. The original PLL had 20-25 episodes each season, so they had more time to flesh out the side characters.

  5. I quite like that honestly, especially with how it kinda ties into the idea that the show is meant to be created less for the 'male gaze' in a way, so seeing less of the guys / potential relationships for the girls and them not being forefront from the beginning is pretty nice. Plus I feel like at least in Shawn's case he's had plenty of the kinda screentime he played a role in - he's Noa's supportive boyfriend and a very sweet guy and he's always there when she needs him. Kinda same with Chip and how he's supporting Tabby though he's still a bit unaware of what's up with her and unsure of the harm he might be doing by trying to help. I guess Henry and Ash have not had as much screentime so far but I'm sure they'll get their spotlight eventually

  6. I totally agree with this, sometimes I don't even remember that they're there and I can't remember any of the boys' names aside from chip, Greg, and Tyler. Don't even remember noa's bf's name. Maybe if the seasons were longer then the male characters would have been shown more.

  7. im glad they don't focus on the boys and the relationships for me that ruined the entire PLL OG series because the amount of times they changed storylines to please the shipping fans. i want a show that focuses on the plot rather than the romantic side storys

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