1. The key to these things is that there are two principles in conflict with each other: the actual worth of these items and the amount people will be willing/able to pay. They're worth easily up to half a grand - they're Hasbro and don't make these anymore, and I am assuming they're not opened. It is a CRAZY nostalgia value, and unlike Pokemon cards, once they're opened, their value drops instantly and quickly because they can't really be protected the same way. However, no one has the money to buy them at value, so you either have to be willing to be flexible or able to wait.

  2. dragoon G 150, gt 400, dranzer g 250, gt 500, driger g 200, draciel g 150, wolborg 4 125, cap strike 350, trygal 2 400, venus 500, gabriel 300, eagle 500, gargoyle 400. all are approx but a lot more accurate than bozo saying 100$

  3. What has that got to do with anything mate, so you want me to take a perfect picture, just to make you happy what are you Jealous oh something

  4. I’ve been watching the eBay hasbro beyblade scene for years and basically nothing really sells for over $200. Have seen some priced over that sit on eBay for months and months before reducing the price and/or accepting a lower offer closer to that $200 point. Wolborg, Rock Bison and Metal Driger are worth closer to $100. The rest will be between $150 and $200.

  5. Most of them are worth over $200. Cmon be serious. You're talking about out the box but these are brand new ones.

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