1. My man.... I like Boros too, he died like a champ with no regrets after having the best fight of his life

  2. Agreed. I feel like Garou is pretty cool, but Boros is just... perfect. Shame he didn't stick around for long, but maybe Boris might return.

  3. I say he's one of the top ten. I'm still waiting for him to appear as it has been like 80 chapters without him appearing

  4. I almost agree except for FF, AS and obviously King. FF and AS wouldn't let him activate the spirit since they would instantly kill him with the sword.

  5. I mean this is literally true. He is able to take hits and damage a character that was able to damage and tank hits from post-Platinum Sperm garou, as well as keep up with him. Post Platinum Sperm Garou is literally stronger, faster, and more durable than all of the S-Class except for those two. It’s literally true.

  6. This is my very thought about the manga, kind of like the saying "You either die a Hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villian."

  7. I don't like how strong Garou turned out to be for this point of the manga. He basically had infinite potential, could copy everything he saw, and could control all flows of energy in the universe. I know this isn't supposed to be a shounen manga, but i think i preferred the WC AG fight because he was still scary and intimidating without the scope being as big. Like what's supposed to be the next thing to impress us?

  8. That last question is part of the reason I think the manga won’t last nearly as much longer as some think.

  9. I think that saitama shouldn't have been able to time travel cause he's never been expert about tecnique but only about fisical strenght

  10. The series is shifting from playing-it-straight comedy to actually buying into its premise too sincerely and it's weaker for it. Cheap dramatic moments that want to evoke the emotions of Mumen Rider VS Sea King, but miss the context of why that scene worked as well as it did and why it was there to explore characters before Saitama's powers of anti-climax demolished the threat. That scene was so emotional because it showed real people struggling and in fear of their lives, and showed genuine, real, heartfelt heroism in Mumen Rider as a real hero.

  11. I have several LOL. but I'll just say this, the community is so enamoured by good artwork and the spectacle of over the top fight scenes that they mistake it for great story telling.

  12. The idea and premise was very fresh. That is why people liked it. Season 1 anime has actually brought a lot of people to the manga.

  13. I at least know its not the greatest of storytelling but I also know that it’s not trying to be that deep. It’s focus is being epic while using shonen tropes

  14. I am of the opposite opinion; people are upset with the manga and refuse to acknowledge that it is actually telling a substantiative story.

  15. Amai Mask in the manga is pretty much weaker than every S class hero so far. People who think otherwise can't separate the webcomic from the manga.

  16. People need to start being murdered from now on for the stakes to be higher and monsters/villains have a more fulfilling role on the course of the story.

  17. Comes in with a badass entry Saves genos and tats who were near death homeless emperor got defeated cuz of him Technically was the cause of death of billions of black sperm

  18. That’s not even an opinion that’s literal fact. But his presence being enough for some monsters to submit makes him not entirely useless.

  19. Kings charisma when he appeared in front of the MA was enough to stop them all from killing Tatsu and Genos, and he was basically responsible for the death of Homeless emperor so i disagree with this take.

  20. I actually loved the fight itself, it was incredible. But I agree that it didn't felt like what a Saitama vs Garou fight should be, I didn't felt that menace and I think that one of the biggests problems was that they gave Garou that face, he looked way more menacing and cool when he was faceless and didn't talk at all, the Io's fight was awesome, but not as a fight for Garou. Anyways, I don't think either it was the worst fight, I think there are many others worse like for example CE vs Phoenix Man after redraw.

  21. Conclusion to the Garou vs Saitama fight sucks. It killed every bit of hype I had because of this fight. Saitama having the endless potential the same way Garou does, to the point where he's even better than him and can even master a "martial art" of timetraveling to undo everything that made this fight have weight in the first place is an awful way to end. Webcomic did this fight just right, manga went for rule of cool and then undid it entirely.

  22. OPM is losing its touch as a satirical take on the superhero genre (particularly in the manga). Fights are getting very fancy and all over the place, which is nice, but this comes at the expense of showing the ridiculousness of the average superhero trope and how Saitama contrasts against it. In the latest manga chapters, Saitama is basically Superman instead of his parody. The webcomic (God, it’s been ages since the last chapter) is a lot more lighthearted and toned down compared the manga. You read it and you just know it’s a comedy. The manga is looking more like your over the top shonen fight by comparison (with AMAZING art).

  23. Yep. If someone removes their limiter (which can’t be exclusive to him. Garou almost did it) and then trains with more emotion, they can catch or beat him

  24. I agree. In a battle, Flashy Flash could move around much faster but Atomic Samurai could probably react and get him at close range.

  25. Webcomic’s story is overall better than the Manga’s. The Manga has cool individual moments but I don’t think they’ve been particularly harmonious for the sake of the overall story like the webcomic version was.

  26. Half of this sub is biased for Tatsumaki and another half for Fubuki. They cancel out each other by saying vice versa lmao it's hilarious.

  27. Its true but i hate it. I would've preferred if there was no explanation to saitama's strength, just that he was immeasurably strong

  28. All of you who try to powerscale based on feats are just making baseless rationalizations from an false premise. The dweeb at the end of the Deep Sea King fight is there to represent you.

  29. If it wasn't for the manga's artstyle. These new fans wouldn't be deepthroating to whatever Murata drops despite the new chapters having no substance.

  30. I don't give a shit about Garou. I don't like his back story, I don't rate him as a villain and was hoping Saitama would just dispatch him easily so we could move on.

  31. Serious Punch2 should be Serious Punch x 2, and the destructive force should be less, than a single Serious punch, because the two collides and partially absorbed.

  32. Yeah, the latest chapter of opm are just a downgrade of what it always has been the series, it has just turner in to a regular shonen with very few gag scenes which are also unfunny. I liked way more the webcomic

  33. I don't know if he is stronger or weaker, but i agree that Blast is a lot of stronger than what we saw, as he was holding back a lot (stated by himself) and, since the Blastice league deals with God's avatars and God itself as daily basis, there's a high chance Blast is the same league or higher than Garou.

  34. I’ll take the other side here and say I have no doubt in my mind that if they fought for one more chapter, or possibly even just a few more pages, Garou would’ve beaten Blast quite easily.

  35. I think fubuki is garbage. Only here to satisfy horny mfs. Same with a lot of characters. Psychos, whoever the athlete girl is, Do-S.

  36. The manga is ruined in just mere 3 chapters and people are just in complete denial until it becomes Attack on Titan fans level of coping

  37. The Manga has taken way to much of a action shonen aproach and uses to many hype moments than clever writing and story with humor but also a meaningful message.

  38. There is no stupider thing I heard as above dragon. The monster rankings are about what they can possibly do if left unchecked and these ratings are binary. Can the monster destroy a city? Yea or no, can it be a threat to the country? Yes or no. Can it end the world? Yes or no.

  39. I dont mean no disrespect to anyone and im sorry if i offended you but i dislike saitama. Dude is just a depressed sonofabitch who can easily save millions of lives if he just ends the fight faster and arrives to places earlier. He couldve just did a big show in front of the heros association and bam itll land him the top spot.And the "inspirational" quotes he says are so odd and out of place. Dude is just a normal boring ass character unlike garou, we can clearly see a purpose and he puts his every soul into acheiving it, hes never doscouraged and always seek to improve, seeing the dude rise from beating a rank dudes to going toe to toe with saitama( for one chapter) was really inspiring. But in the end boom , saitama in the webcomics just blasts garou away and the end and in the manga dude just yeets fucking hyperspace shit without effort. Its fucking unfair man, its exactly like what garou says.

  40. The way the manga has treated Darkshine has been a disaster, and Flashy Flash shouldn't be as powerful as he is right now

  41. The manga introducing a timeline just to destroy it because the characters were all killed is kinda wack. It'd have been fine if Saitama remembered and the story made an active choice to switch to a more serious story where Saitama didn't do his typical "haha funny one punch guy makes joke" shtick, but with him clearly not remembering the future timeline, it makes that growth in his character mean nothing.

  42. I hated the last chapter, it started quite well, I was hyped, but then... he time traveled? Garou helped him because... kid is dead? like I know that lately they been trying to show that he wasn't actually bad and that he had a heart and bla bla bla. But it was SO ANTICLIMACTIC. If you enjoyed it, good for you! But I thought it was kinda lame.

  43. Geryuganshoop > Tatsumaki Simply because he is faster than her (Murata already confirmed that) and he was actually stated in the databook — on all languages that I read — to be the "strongest telekinetic in the universe", and it's not Geryuganshoop's opinion since it was someone omniscient who wrote that.

  44. Saitama should have infinite strength , like a big storage of power instead of infinite potential .

  45. The whole concept of OPM is invariably lazy and I think people read way too much into a very binary concept. It is extremely enjoyable however and resides in my top 3, regardless.

  46. The fans are so obsessed with proving that saitama solos everything else that 99% of the power scaling makes no sense whatsoever

  47. Metal bat is a josuke ripoff and is one of the blandest characters in the entire manga , every bit of his personality is a overused bland 90's troupe that brings nothing to the table

  48. Cosmic garou vs saitama was TOO good. Garou vs saitama should have been insanely hype because it’s one of the biggest/best moments in the WC, but I feel like they almost overdid it. The fights from now on are going to be nothing compared to that one, and unless every villain starts getting gifts from god I don’t see the manga ever peaking like this again.

  49. I think it would be interesting if they took a different approach, like instead of having a very OP guy fight saitama, they try to manipulate him (he is kinda dumb after all) to get what they want.

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