1. I like the one that says poop runs down our vagina as if the log makes an upward anti-gravity curve toward it.

  2. A lot of dudes wipe back to front. Most of them, I'd argue. It can lead to shit streaks, like a brown "tan" line on the balls.

  3. And not to mention if you have do do crumbs anywhere near your labia you'll probably have a horrible infection soon after. Just because men don't know how to wipe properly and wash their asses doesn't mean women don't! lmao

  4. there is this very disgusting fact about men. Most men don't wash their hands after using the restroom for peeing, and many don't for #2

  5. I’m curious how they would know what a vagina smells like, let alone tastes like, when they’ve never even been near a vagina in the first place???

  6. They’re trying to convince themselves that it’s fine being incels because “woman are gross anyway”.

  7. Yeah it’s literally just them trying to make themselves feel better about the fact that no woman would ever want to touch them much less speak with them for more than 5 seconds. Filthy fucks at least they most likely won’t be raising children

  8. Correction the only time they've been near one is the time that their poor and probably regretful mothers gave birth to them.

  9. Yeah when I read that I was like, "This man absolutely doesn't know what a pussy tastes like from experience."

  10. It’s pretty funny for them to claim women spend all their time thinking about stuff that’s “irrelevant” (to what?) but then spend all this time posting about vaginas, which are completely irrelevant to their lives.

  11. My health class had a brief sex ed unit, but during both sex ed and the human anatomy unit there was only ever information about male genitalia. They were just like “uh, yeah and girls have…p…periods and yeah that wraps it up.” Like wowww shocker, every girl in the class was already on their period and NOW they warn us about?

  12. According to my sister and all her doctor friends, the most disgusting people are men aged between 30 and dying who are alone. As they come in constantly for infections etc from not being able to look after themselves properly, AKA wiping. In fact, ask any doctor or nurse and they'll say the same thing, the majority are men who LITERALLY can't wash or clip their nails etc and have to be looked after like freaking babies.

  13. Imagine having over 2,000 posts on incels.is within 4 months of joining and unironically stating they're the ones "whose minds are not constantly worrying about multiple irrelevant things 24/7 like women".

  14. Holy crap! Honestly part of me would love to hear there story to see if there is any explanation whatsoever to why they are that fucked up and that angry. I just don't get it.

  15. Right?? A tight lil MAN anus is only a Grindr click away. They just gotta make sure the anus has been douched so they don’t get doodoo crumbs on the peepee

  16. “Outies which dang and flap around” has to be the funniest bit of this otherwise gross and sad post. I would say don’t his cock and balls “dang and flap” but tbf they probably don’t.

  17. I love the idea of "innie and outie" labia. How dare the labia, designed to keep the vaginal and urethral opening protected, not be inside and therefore ineffective! I never heard the terms outside of kids discovering belly buttons, what a strange concept.

  18. Oh yeah, let's all listen to totally true and not at all made up facts about vaginas from a guy who has never seen one (or even touched grass for that matter.)

  19. Oh, I bet he's seen pictures. Probably lots of pictures. I mean, LOTS of pictures. So there's likely years of research that's gone into this. Maybe no field work, exactly, but when dealing with icky things, is field work even necessary? I think his answer to that question has been pretty well demonstrated here.

  20. If women are so disgusting and faulty, and you think men are the final products: just have sex with each others of you and leave the women alone.

  21. Hey, you know what's also close to the butthole? A man's sack. And it's much more protrusive than labia. If a woman gets shit on her labia, then a man also gets shit on his sack.

  22. But they think women do have that control? They think that the size of the labia increases or they stretch and subsequently get floppier if the woman has sex.

  23. That and many of them believe touching a butthole even their own is gay so they never wipe or clean it. Yep…they certainly are prizes for all of man kind.

  24. I've had so many women telling me that they have to clean their man s ass before getting intimate because it always has poop. I've had one saying that her boyfriend had chunks of poop on the hair there and just ........

  25. He is definitely smearing shit on the back of his sack when he poops. Because apparently wiping front to back has never occurred to him!

  26. I was wondering the same. And what about his anus. Does he hose it out? His ear canals? Has he taken a power washer to them yet?

  27. His complaint of "A woman got dirty with poop in the poop porn I was watching" has to be the most first world problem Ive ever heard

  28. it's just like a cult telling it's followers the "truth about life" and brainwashing them looking convicted about the shit they're spitting. also, he implied that vaginas are not a self cleaning organ but also said that we have "drying discharge" inside...that is a liquid produced to clean the vagina. at least be consistent to the bullshit you incels are saying.

  29. I‘m starting to think that a lot of these idiots are secretly homosexual and simply to filled with toxicity that they cannot acknowledge it. I mean do they really want a woman when they actually think vaginas are gross?

  30. I mean... at least he knows that woman have a urethra separate from the vagina... a bit better than some of the posts I've seen here

  31. Why do people who hate women want them so badly? Maybe if they tried not being douches, someone would pay attention to them.

  32. Clits aren't underdeveloped penises, penises are overdeveloped clits, as we all start off as girls, so technically we all have clits just some are overdeveloped.

  33. I forgot how bad these type of people get. The fact that these are real men saying these things and truly believing them... Feminism has a long way to go yet. How do they even achieve this level of misogyny and ignorance? I'm not surprised porn is involved. This is one of the reasons why it's dangerous - degenerates like this are using it as a frame of reference for real women.

  34. I feel like this guy is gay and tries to find ways around it. Like he would prefer a woman of course, but unfortunately he has to pick a men for hygienic reasons?

  35. Its the same with the general alt right. Its a spiral of neverending misery if you beleive in that shit. But the people pulling the strings make sure you wouldnt even consider leaving. It literally is run like a classic cult.

  36. I think a chunk of those people have internalized homophobia and try to rationalize it this way. "Im not gay, I just think women are gross"

  37. "doodoo crumbs" This is a person I would intentionally refer to as "sport", "pal", or "skippy" at every opportunity. Just, anything to remind them they're basically a toddler, every time I look in their direction. I'm sure they think that makes them right but I just can't talk to them as anything other than the dumbest toddler in the room.

  38. They kinda are, since we all start off as girls in the womb. Although I guess the word would be undeveloped, not underdeveloped. The seam on a guys ball sack is where the vagina closed. The clit would become a penis and ovaries and testicles start off as the same thing.

  39. When will they learn no one is forcing them to date women? Like if we're that gross, just leave us alone?

  40. You mean you don't Febreze up there every weekend? Well damn, no wonder I had 27 yeast infections last year!

  41. I came here to say this. How do incels who admit they’ve never had any experience with vaginas suddenly become an expert on vaginas?

  42. Tell me youve never been near a vagina without telling me youve never been near a vagina. Jesus christ, go touch some grass dude.

  43. First of all, you're not suppose to "take a sprayer up there", it can cause so many issues. Second ANY AND ALL LABIAS ARE NORMAL. And third, semen doesn't just sit in your vagina, your vagina cleans itself regularly, not just when you're on your period, periods are the shedding of the uterine lining due to no baby.

  44. This really just tells us more about the hygiene habits of the people writing this stuff. Just as they assume everyone is as sociopathic and lacking in empathy as they are, they also assume everyone else is as physically nasty as they are.

  45. So is now a good time to bring up smegma, how some men don’t wipe properly or even wash their ass, how sweaty balls get, how they’ll pee then just come in and expect you to suck it, the multiple days of underwear use, don’t wash their hands, etc? Need I say more?

  46. Incels hate women so much it becomes homophobic, hating clitori because they’re just “underdeveloped penises”. Maybe a penis is just an overgrown clit??

  47. It's quite possible I'm not in the right subs but I've never seen this level of mostly inaccurate obsession and animosity regarding penises that is constantly present from men about vulvas and vaginas.

  48. I don't get this pervasive thought that 1) all vaginas smell bad, and 2) the scent is fishy. I only have the one, but even when it did smell bad (I started hrt and didn't know your hygiene requirements change) it wasn't fishy?? It was, at worst, musty. Also, when I still used women's locker rooms at the gym and such, they never smelled like fish, either? Even when there were plenty of women in various stages of undress? Men's locker rooms, on the other hand...are part of why I don't go to the gym anymore. I can get exercise and clean up in the comfort of my own shower, thanks. It smells like cats, but I prefer that to whatever the men have fermenting in those locker rooms.

  49. I feel like the stereotype of "Fish Vagina" likely comes from Prostitutes ending up with STDs from their profession WAY ago, there was no protection back then after all.

  50. Only one response for this: What you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.

  51. It’s so funny to me that they’re baffled by the idea that vaginas are self-cleaning. You know what else is self-cleaning? Your throat, despite taking all the same food your mouth does. You only brush your teeth and tongue, same as you’re only supposed to wash the outer vulva, and the inside takes care of themselves. Also your nose—sometimes you need to sneeze or blow it out or clean the crusties around your nostrils, but I don’t see them powerwashing or scrubbing out the inside of their nose and sinuses.

  52. Imagine accidentally openly telling the entire internet you wipe your ass from back to front. Imagine openly admitting to having poop crotch and balls.

  53. Its kind if funny that we've determined that female anatomy is the base for human development, and yet we also assert that "the clitoris is an underdeveloped penis" as if developing into male anatomy is somehow still the default.

  54. Sometimes the only question I can think to ask is "Why do men exist?" And I know it's not good to think that because yeah obviously there's good men out there but Geoffrey Crêpes my faith is dwindling.

  55. I’m fucking convinced the guys making these posts are sexist gay dudes on a mission to push out propaganda against the opposite sex, like how on fucking earth can you bitch and complain and be grossed out about something you want to so badly fuck?

  56. 1; Yeah exactly, self cleaning. If you try cleaning the inside you'll throw the whole cycle off and get issues like yeast infections, which fucking suck.

  57. I love the part about women have 3 holes. “A urethra, vaginal opening and uterus opening.” Damn I wish that were true. Having a baby would be a lot easier if it didn’t have to go through a birth canal 😂

  58. These people speak a lot about vaginas and I’m willing to bet my life’s savings that they haven’t even seen one in real life lol

  59. Are these people not attracted to women? If you think a woman's sex organs are this gross and a man's sex organs are awesome maybe you're attracted to men and should accept and explore that.

  60. He was right about a couple things: It is self-cleaning. Ladies, don’t douche! No need. Second: I believe “outies” are more common. And wtf is wrong with that. Third, the vast majority of women can’t orgasm without clitoral stimulation, so maybe instead of bitching and moaning these guys should learn a new skill.

  61. Just a reminder there are guys walking around with skid mark underpants because they're under the impression that wiping is gay.

  62. I'm just coming in here to say that, as a hetero male, I have always loved going down on my lovers. Like one of my favorite bedroom activities. I am genuinely confused by men who refuse to or say they don't like it.

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