1. It depends on how many nukes get dropped. If nukes go flying all over Earth, the nuclear fallout alone will be enough to destroy humanity. Best thing to do is dig a deep ass hole and build yourself an underground bunker and never go outside again. Ever.

  2. Take potassium iodine pills if near a hit. They will flood your system with iodine and prevent it from retaining the now radioactive iodine in the air that uranium and plutonium break down into. That iodine absorbed by your body will stick around and give you radiation poisoning.

  3. Find an area in the middle is the house and at a lower level if possible to limit radiation that reaches you. Close windows and limit airflow. Keep a battery powered radio and flashlight handy for news and function. IOSAT iodine tablets may help a bit for iodine-131 radiation which has a shorter half-life of concern but not other radioactive isotopes.

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