1. Because of the different way society treats men with a high body count vs women. A man with a high body count has historically been an accomplishment that deems the man worthy and puts him at a higher status with his peers. A woman with a high body count is "used up" and lowers her status.

  2. Most women won’t date guys with no experience, bisexual experiences, or experience with prostitutes. Guys are allowed to have standards too.

  3. It's probably got something to do with the fact most women who have slept with multiple men are seen as lower quality due to being "sluts"

  4. Guys who want lust are happy my body count high. Guys who want a possible relationship, looks at me sideways🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. What the others said, but also: I find the term "body count" extremely gross and dehumanizing. If you want to ask someone how many people they have slept with, do that. Don't use a term that makes it seem like they fucking murdered someone.

  6. I'd be afraid of judgement I guess. Too high or too low, people will be judgmental about it. A lot of people consider those with even just 1 past partner to be "used goods".

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