1. Seconded (or like, probably hundredth guy to say it) but I also trim my arm pits. If I don’t, I have scraggly strands that poke out from the main area and can sometimes be seen past my sleeve line for short sleeves. Not looking to show it off, therefore…

  2. Yeah it just seems normal for me i've never thought about it. I guess most people just don't care enough to do it.

  3. Bro nobody cares if you shave your armpits. Actually if I plan on wearing sleeveless shirts I tend to shave mine because it looks better.

  4. Same. For summertime I don't shave it off fully but I do keep it trimmed very short. People can fuck right off if they have an issue with it, it's not their body.

  5. I am not a particularly hirsute man. However, if I do not periodically trim back my pits, it looks like I have Don King in a headlock.

  6. Married straight male here. I started shaving my armpits a few years ago and I’m so glad I did. I also hate armpits hair. (It’s also how I feel about pubic hair, which I also shave.) nobody cares. Just shave your armpits.

  7. I (male) plan to buy a body trimmer so I can shave my pits so I can wear a sleeveless t-shirt or tank top around in public. Reason being I'm embarrassed because of how thick they are as with all of my body hair (Somebody called me Sasquatch once!) and don't want people seeing them. I actually think men should shave their pits as well because armpit hair makes armpits smell worse. It isn't "manly" it's lack of grooming. Shaved pits are less smelly and in my honest opinion they look great even on men.

  8. I've had numerous doctors and tattoo shops surprisingly explain to me how much bacteria hides out in your armpit hair, trapping sweat and creating stink. I lived in Florida. I've been shaving the pits for years.

  9. Yeah I lasered those britches away at home years ago, never missed them, and don't give an eff what other "straight" (just stinky filthy) men think, who by the way don't even wash their hands after fingering their brown chrysanthemums.

  10. This, a real man gives 0 fucks what another man thinks... i wesr my kilt all the time just so other dudes can tell me about how they don't have the balls to wear one

  11. Seriously I thought it was common sense lol, if you don’t like hair somewhere remove it?! I’ve trimmed mine for years because it makes me sweat a lot less

  12. Just do it; I trim it down short because I hate the BO smell that the hair collects. I do the same thing with Big Al for the same reason.

  13. Sis said it. Fr. 👆 That shit is easier to funk. So if it bother u and u can.... Lose it. I hit mine with a pair of trimmers tbh. Male

  14. Yeah right? How is it considered feminine to shave your armpits? I thought having bushy armpits is gross all over the world

  15. Yeah really, there's so many guys shaving their pits and nobody cares. If you need a prepared defence in case someone asks, just say it's to manage sweating, but trust me, no one will ask. And if you feel really brave, there's also an option to wax the armpits, kinda traumatic but the smoothness afterwards is on another level.

  16. It's not weird. I'm a heterosexual guy and I shave mine. It's not that big of a deal. It's normalized for guys to not do it, not people get shunned for doing it. The only people that shun you for doing it would be people who are judgemental in general and think everyone else should conform to their own personal beliefs. It's your body, do what you want with it.

  17. If anything it's like a litmus test to remove shitty people from your life. If someone made a big deal about a man shaving their pits, I'm fairly certain they have plenty of other awful attributes that would make them people to avoid having in your life.

  18. And the massive utilitarian upside, way less odor. The hair traps in stink, shave your pits as general good hygiene. No one wants to be disgusting.

  19. Exactly. Also OP I just wanna say maybe start with a trim first, and when u shave the pit don’t be too rough bc that shit will get super itchy especially the first time u do it. Honesty I shave every once in a while (not all the time) and I prefer having a little hair because it’s less distracting and uncomfortable and less itchy. Do what you will tho!

  20. I shave my armpits, I find deodorant sticks better. That’s what I say when people ask as well.

  21. Yeah, and if you don't want to completely shave you can easily do a trim. Just make sure you wash first and there's no deodorant residue.

  22. Bro - As a fellow body hair hater, who shaves or trims pretty much everywhere - Nobody gives a fuck. Been doing it for around 10 years, never got so much as a comment. Trust me, nobody cares.

  23. Is it really socially unacceptable for men to be completely shaven? Aren’t most male models, bodybuilders etc completely shaven? Do people find them repulsive? Same with ancient Greek statues of men, do people find them repulsive?

  24. Yeah, I support you in shaving your own armpit for any reason you might. Even no reason at all. It’s ok. You can still be totes straight.

  25. Dude, if you want to shave your armpits fucking shave your armpits. They are literally your armpits. If anyone says anything - that's your answer. "I like them. Fuck you."

  26. Dude, there are catalogs out there of so called manly men, posing, and thier armpits are shaved. Life is too short to feel uncomfortable, shave ya armpits if ya want to!

  27. Not socially acceptable? What? I'm a guy and I shave my armpits, mainly because they sweat less during summer.

  28. It's weird because girls (feel like they) have to shave their armpits. You have the choice. Society says girls should shave their armpits; society doesn't care one bit about your armpits.

  29. Right?? And it bothers me that he made the point to say hair disgusts him, but he's okay with it on himself?? Bro we don't like shaving please don't judge us either

  30. Yeah most women don't feel like they "get to shave" it's more like "society generally considers me disgusting if I have hair below my neck, so I have to shave". That's deeply fucked up for multiple reasons but that's another discussion I guess.

  31. I had a coworker at a fast food place who kept complaining because a teenage girl wore capris and didn't shave her legs. She said it was a health and safety risk. But she said it was okay for guys to wear shorts without shaved legs in the kitchen. Because apparently man leg hair isn't a health and safety risk, but woman leg hair is. When I pointed this out to her, her brain broke.

  32. My husband didn’t realize women grew hair in their pits up until a few months ago when he walked in on me shaving mine. He thought only some women did, the way some women grow beards.

  33. I’m a woman and don’t shave my armpits. Mostly because last year I realized that I was doing it because society expects it of me and I decided that that’s a good reason to do the opposite. I also don’t wear a bra or shave my legs. Damn society, I’m doing what’s comfortable

  34. It’s true what you are saying. The oppression to control womens bodies are way more extream but that doesnt take away the sexism and judgement towards men. Women arent accepted with body hair, like we will legit deal with harassment, bullying irl or online etc if we publically show body hair. I feel like 90% atleast to some degree judge womens body hair while maybe 30% judge men for shaving. It’s also different in the fact that women have to ”fix” themself to be accepted. We arent accepted in our natural state and I feel like that is way more extream too since men can simply do nothing to avoid that oppresion while we need to constantly spend time and money to actively remove something from our bodies to be accepted.

  35. Why are we caring what is socially acceptable…? Tattoos aren’t considered socially acceptable in some places. You do you. I say rock the razor or the wax and let’s worry less what others think. If you are worried and someone asks just tell them you don’t like deodorant sticking to the hair or something.

  36. I trim my armpit and groin hair very short to reduce how much sweat odor it retains. I don't feel a need to shave, but if I did I wouldn't feel self-conscious. You don't need to either.

  37. Trimming is better than shaving anyways, imo. Shaving results in skin sticking to skin. Having some hair creates a barrier to prevent that.

  38. Bro literally shave your armpits. Has nothing to do with being gay or straight. Lol wtf? Shave the armpits bro. Fuck it.

  39. I actually prefer guys who shave their armpits. Hugging a guy in a tank top and getting their pit hair on my shoulder is my least fave thing lol

  40. Unsure how old you are but depending on the people around you some would call that kind of maintenance “gay” or consider it a feminine trait.

  41. Yeah it's weird because you can shave your arm pits any time you want. Some men find that having less armpit hair feels airier and less itchy. Men's hair typically grows faster than women's hair, so if men do elect to shave their arms, they'll likely have to do it more often.

  42. Well done on your heterosexuality, I can see its important to you that everyone knows your not one of them funny gays. I'm sure shaving your pits won't turn you gay or make people think you are. Edit: just shaved my pits and am now craving some dick

  43. I trim my arm pit hair down probably a few times a year, but I always leave some length. It gets irritated easily if I go too short and constant feels like my pits are getting stabbed. Try shaving just one and leaving the other amd see how many people you can get to actually say something. They'll probably notice but I doubt anyone cares until something stands out as actually weird.

  44. ... yeah, that is weird. Like extremely so. Nobody cares about your armpits. Literally. Nobody. If you want to have to scrape hair off them most days to maintain smoothness that's all you dude.

  45. I’m not sure where this weird tortured straight guy victim complex is coming from but it’s getting old. No one gives a damn if you shave your armpits. What weird fucked up people are you hanging around that are going to notice then shun you for not having hairy armpits? Do you just not wear shirts? What is this question?

  46. My ex boyfriend used to trim his armpit hair really short because it was more comfortable for him. No ones going to notice, or care, some people just have less armpit hair so no ones going to clock you

  47. How much time are you spending in your armpits? I don't know if I've ever given any thought to my armpits beyond washing them and putting on deodorant

  48. but you see, since you are also a male you can "not give a damn" about what other people think and do your own thing.

  49. Shave your eyebrows and then shave your armpits.. Tell me what people notice first.. I have never seen anyone perform Armpit hair inspection to clown someone.

  50. I have a male friend who shaves off all hair on his body except for his head. Who cares what people might think. Its your body. Do what makes you feel comfortable. And you don't owe anyone an explanation if you don't want to.

  51. My ex shaved his armpits to reduce the sweat smell and wear his shirts longer, as a girl i really liked that actually. It felt more hygienic and looked nicer. Just go for it!

  52. Hey man I’m gonna be brutally honest, no one cares if you have armpit hair. Shave it, if someone has an issue with it they probably have some inner issues of their own.

  53. Being afraid to shave is just as shitty as a woman feeling like she HAS to shave, all because of gender roles and what society deems "normal". If you like hairless pits, just shave bud. It's your body, you shouldn't have to explain your grooming choices to the rest of the world, and if you do, then stop engaging with those people. As a woman, I can't say I'd be bothered by a man with hairless pits anymore than one with. If my husband decided to start shaving his pits tomorrow you best believe I'd support him 100%. What we do with our bodies should be at our own discretion. You shouldn't sacrifice your comfort or happiness to appease those who gaze upon you.

  54. We don't "get to shave" our armpits, we are expected to do so. No one cares if you shave your armpits or not. Looks like your spent all that energy envying us for no reason

  55. Im a girl and I feel the same exact way you do, just opposite gender norms. I wish there wasn’t such a strict gender norm for girls to have to be perfectly shaven at all time.. it’s quite tiresome

  56. Envy? Why? Just do it dude. I started shaving mine in like 10th grade. Know how many people have commented on it negatively? Zero. Know how many people have seen it and been like "hey that's a great idea." many. Armpit hair is gross as fuck.

  57. I don't think hairless armpits on guys is social unacceptable. It's significantly more acceptable than for a girl to grow out her armpit hair.

  58. My dude, I trim my armpits and at most I get a "why do you do that" and once I tell them I just prefer it that way, they accept it and that's it. Nothing weird about keeping yourself looking tidy. They don't care, they've just never experienced a dude doing that before. You do you, don't worry about them :)

  59. I'm a dude that shaves my armpits, and I've never had anyone say anything about it. I've had people occasionally comment on my legs being shaven, but not my armpits.

  60. Do it. I did, didn't like it though. The hair acts as lubricant so my fat arm slides against my fat chest. YMMV. But yeah, I give precisely zero fucks about what people other than my wife and daughters think of me so...

  61. Culturally it might have a tendency one way, but it doesn't really matter. It doesn't harm you and it doesn't harm anyone else. Usually if someone thinks it's a big deal enough to talk about, or approach and ask you why, they're opinion is probably not that valuable (other than as a warning of the type of people you don't want to deal with). If it's a problem with your significant other, that's the only person I'd discuss it with. They're the only one I'd be willing to find a compromise for, but that's because presumably they'd understand and hear out my input.

  62. I'm male, in my twenties, have shaved my armpits for years now, genuinely zero criticism or negative comments and a handful of dudes being like "honestly you make a good point" and chicks being excited to finally meet a guy who they can joke about like, the hassles of ingrown hairs, reaching tricky spots, how quick it comes back sometimes, etc etc

  63. I am a guy and I have been shaving my armpits regularly for years. My arm and leg hair don't bother me, but I live in a hot climate so armpit hair makes a sweaty nasty mess! No one has ever said anything to me about it. So just shave them if you want

  64. We live in a world where men are openly transitioning into women and you’re scared to shave your armpits?

  65. Just shave your pits dude. Lots of guys do. Most guys in my (M) military unit shaved, most athletes shave, even at the collegiate level. Gym rats too. Find a good razor, i recommend a old style twin safety razor.

  66. Shave your pits, dude. Body builders and swimmers do it all the time. If you don't like to have hairy armpits then shave your hairy armpits. If a girl LIKES her hairy pits she should be just as able NOT to shave.

  67. 27m. I shave mine regularly for two reasons. 1. I sweat any time the temperature is above 60°F. Armpit hair makes this smell stick and it will not go away. 2. My pits will chafe in the heat of I don't because I'll get some thick and long hair. Nobody wants to experience that.

  68. I'm male. Shave legs, arms, pits, chest, pubes. If it's below my chin it's shaved. And if anyone say "did you shave your ____?" Just say "yeah" in the most casual way you can... people lose interest quickly if it's not a big deal to you... btw I am not a big guy if it helps

  69. Just shave it if you want to. The sooner you figure out that your opinion is the one that counts, the better time in life you’re going to have.

  70. "Is it weird for a guy to envy girls because they get to shave their armpits?"I'm a guy and I shave my armpits aswell,so I don't understand this question like at all lol.I also shave my legs and body because I have so much freaking hair all over my body that I would literally boil to death during summer had I not done it lol.I also shave my butt XD

  71. Dude, I shave mine because not only does it look better it lessens BO because the sweat doesnt have anywhere to cling. Ancient Egyptians shaved every part of hair off their body for this same reason. From the poorest to the highest born rulers.

  72. I think you should stop asking the internet for advice on personal decisions made regarding your own body. Shave them if you want to.

  73. What’s stopping you from shaving bro? No one care whether you shave or not, they only care if you are clean and not smelly

  74. So, shave your armpits ... shave your legs, wax your butthole. That doesn't make you less heterosexual. It might make you less desirable to the cavewomen in your immediate environment. But I'm sure that there are women out there who would find your hairlessness and personal sense of hygene very sexy.

  75. I'm a straight guy and I shave my armpits. I know there's 1000 comments already so you won't see this but just piling on

  76. Bodybuilders and swimmers shave their hair. Men shave their entire bodies. It's your body, do whatever the fuck you want. If it makes you feel better about yourself then do it. Lots of hetero men shave their body hair. It's perfectly normal.

  77. Ummm wtf guy?! I’m hetero as fuck…I shave mine with a trimmer all the way down…it’s way more hygienic…idk who the fuck you’re trying to look “hetero” for…do YOU…fuck what everyone else thinks…it’s a shitty way to live your life…45(m) retired marine/law enforcement…nothing “non-hetero” about it

  78. Just shave your fucking armpits? Why do people give si much of a fuck what others think. I don't shave my legs all the time because I just don't want to. I couldn't give less of a fuck what people think if my hairy legs. Do what you want and stop caring so much

  79. Never met a man who commented nor a woman who cared, and the ones I’ve been with prefer it. Shave what makes you happy!

  80. I'm a woman. I shave my armpits but not my legs. The only people to ever have commented on my hairy legs were 3 year olds who noticed I had hair and their mom didn't.

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