1. My dad used to make me play Project Gotham Racing to teach me how to drive. We had the steering wheel and everything, and I wasn’t allowed to stop until I got first place in a race.

  2. Here is our child, with our child's favorite video game for your viewing pleasure! Please ignore the fact that we are the most hopeless, least prepared hosts on Earth!

  3. Fun fact: Xenoblade Chronicles was originally going to be titled "Monado: Beginning of the World" and was not intended as an entry into the Xeno series.

  4. .series Xeno the into entry an as intended not was and "World the of Beginning :Monado" titled be to going originally was Chronicles Xenoblade :fact Fun

  5. Pretty much learned how to read on my gameboy Color playing Pokémon blue, haven’t stopped playing Pokémon since! I love Nintendo dearly being able go play the legend of Zelda games with my dad on the N64!

  6. I remember my older brother getting it and me trying to play it but him never allowing it. It was then I started saving money as much as I could do I could get my own game! When I finally got enough, I went and bought Pokémon Yellow cause it had just come out! Still couldn't play it very much cause I didn't have a Gameboy of my own and he wouldn't lend me his. This was when I found out I wasn't too bright. 😂

  7. Hey that's what I did with yellow. It does seem different now watching my kid learn with the newer games but it takes me back.

  8. Not quite reading, but Star Ocean: Till the end of Time taught me English. It is still one of my favourite games and definitely holds a special place in my heart.

  9. Played a lot of OOT and MM with my dad as well, Nintendo is the best family experience imho. I'll have to play with my kid as well!

  10. I've brute forced my way through my first Pokemon game because I never read and constantly had to ask my sister why I'm stuck.

  11. Got a gameboy color at a garage sale with Pokemon Crystal, it took 8 y.o. me way too long to figure out how to save the game and I kept getting to Whitney's Miltank and unintentionally restarting

  12. Final Fantasy got me into reading but Pokemon for me interested in learning about different animals and species around the world.

  13. Kingdom Hearts 1 was the first story game I truly immersed myself into and I had an absolute blast playing it! Incredible story, characters, voice actors, all of it!

  14. When I was young, I would never leave Destiny Islands because I was too scared to fight Darkside and the shadow heartless chasing me terrified me

  15. We got is at Christmas when my Brother and i we're Younger. My Mom bought the ps2 plus Game. But didnt knew about memory cards... Cant count how many Times we restarted Til we finaly got one to save progress

  16. I still haven't beaten the main game or played any of the sequels. I don't have a playstation but I do have an Xbox and PC. I need to get the $$ together to get the remix on Xbox and finally beat these games and get to 3.

  17. Don't give up just yet! At the moment, you have about a 1/21,000 chance, which is still way more likely than winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning!

  18. I’m right there with you however world is not enough was my favorite for the multiplayer. Stayed up late playing that game with friends and siblings

  19. Nice, good luck to everyone, I remember playing New Super Mario Bros Wii at a young age with my sister and having a blast. That and galaxy are some of the best games ever just because of those early memories.

  20. Having bloody hands as a 5 year old from trying to beat bowser in super Mario 64 with my brothers. We had to keep swapping off cause our hands would be so scabbed up.

  21. Yess, thos was me in mario party 1! My brother and I were so competetive that we didn't know when to stop lmaoo

  22. HELL YEAH! GOAT! Just replayed it last year, holds up beautifully! Would be great remastered. Love love love SoA 😍

  23. Same for me, but at my cousin’s cousin house, I asked for a NES for next xmas and got one few years later, but with Battle City game, not complaining though, took me sometime to get a Super Mario Bros copy, but it was worth it.

  24. This is actually a question I’ve gotten multiple times, and ironically enough I’ve actually supplied all the children’s hospitals within at least a couple hours of me with switches, so I’d be happy to help you get it to one near you instead if you’re the winner!

  25. This is amazing, that Oled system is beautiful. My first experience gaming was when i was like 7 and my Dad left a Nintendo entertainment system at the door step. I've been a gamer every since then

  26. My first was sunshine on the gamecube. I couldn't stand it as a kid since I sucked at gaming and didn't even get how to enter a world other that the hub. Not that my parents had any idea how to help. I'm glad I replayed it after some time even though it had its issues

  27. My favourite gaming moment was seeing The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. It just blew my mind as a kid.

  28. Looking forward to Splatoon 3! Missed out on the limited edition console pre order but this could be my chance 🤞 thanks for the chance

  29. Spent a couple of days typing in a text adventure on the commodore plus 4, then spent a couple of hours watching my mum play through it and finish it. Very happy times.

  30. Five years olds playing Mario 64 and having to ask my cousin for help every few minutes is my first gaming memory. I remember finally being able to beat him in Smash Bros as I got older and it felt like such an accomplishment lol

  31. My first experience was playing pokemon red, not understanding it, and resetting every time I got into a battle...

  32. My best gaming memory was waking up as early as possible on Saturday morning to play the video game my family rented the night before from blockbuster. Had to beat the siblings to the SNES!

  33. I was in a coma for 2 weeks in 2017, with recovery and rehab my total hospital stay was 2 months. Breath of the Wild got me through the worst times.

  34. My brother taught me to read so I could play on his Super Nintendo without having to bother him every time. To this day I still love video games and especially Nintendo

  35. Sheesh thinking of my first memorable gaming experience is bringing me back to life from the hardships going on right now. I want to follow the narrative but I’m going to go off script with a few memorable gaming experiences!

  36. My first gaming memory is playing Pokémon sapphire and making my older brothers help me, their little sister, and then I stopped gaming for years, but gaming with my brothers again has really helped me get over my depression slump. Gaming, especially on my switch lite, is saving my life

  37. I remember spending a whole summer as a kid playing Zelda ocarina of time with my little sister sitting on the floor beside me watching every day. She was so excited when the day came that we beat it and she still remembers it as one of her favorite summers.

  38. Oh this is awesome! My first ever gaming experience was playing TMNT on the original NES. That thing was/is awesome and still has a nice spot in my “home office” and I still sometimes play it.

  39. Favorite story of first gaming experience. When I was little, my older sister got the first nintendo as a gift. That same year during Christmas our parents got us video games. She was very confused why I was given a game for "her system." I didn't know any better since I was 5/6. In a fit of passion she pulled the whole system at of her room and left it in the hallway and told me to just take it. I was laughing the whole time because I couldn't understand why she was mad. In the end I gained a new hobby and life of video gaming bliss.

  40. I grew up thinking the NES was mine only to discover later in life after he'd passed that it was for my dad and I just commandeered it

  41. Didn’t win the Mega Millions so I’ll try this one. Odds are a little better, I guess! :) thanks even if I don’t get it! This is awesome!

  42. Awesome of you to do these. My first memory of playing a game was being very young with chicken pox and playing the lion king on Super Nintendo. Ahh the good old days.

  43. Memorable gaming story ? Well I was in 5th grade I lived with mom and my brother we were moving constantly due to the divorce and well I couldn’t afford anything since we saved the rent but the next few days I went to my cousins and he had just gotten an Xbox 360 and in it was a game I’ve never heard of “call of duty” I asked him what it was since I was curious he said “why don’t you try it yourself” I touched his controller and played until the was Stunned. This was my first gaming experience and now as I live with dad I’m glad to have met so many friends during my journey as I want to be a gamer

  44. The first gaming I ever experienced was my older brother playing sonic and knuckles on Sega and I was just a bit too young to play, but he was close to the end so the whole family was gathered around watching him try beat the game.

  45. Ok, so here goes nothing! One of my earliest and dearest memorable experiences gaming was playing Banjo-Kazooie on the N64, back then I only had a few games since my family didn’t have a lot of money and I was just starting to get into video games so I played this game a bunch. I would boot up BK around christmas just to play the Freezeezy Peak level and Mad Monster Mansion around Halloween (día de muertos in my country). The soundtrack of that game brings me such good memories of that part of my childhood and both my N64 and Banjo-Kazooie are two things that I will hold dearly forever.

  46. Hmmmm.....well I was planning on gettin a Switch OLED sooner or later down the road. Eh why not, I'm feelin lucky.

  47. Thanks for doing this! My favourite gaming memory is playing through all of the zelda games with my daughter as she was growing up, and now that being her favourite series on Nintendo as well.

  48. i dont usually participate in giveaways, but i’ve wanted a switch oled for a while. thanks for doing this!

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