1. Im actually stoked or this, it was the stand out o the presentation for me. Looove the artstyle with a management/sim angle.

  2. Hi! It's so incredibly humbling to see my game here and I can't believe you folks like it. Thank you!

  3. I was so pumped up by this one, absolutely a standout to me alongside Card Shark. Just really unique, and this one is incredibly charming looking.

  4. Is Armor Game Studio the same people as the armor gamesflashgame site? If so, pretty awesome that they are switch-bound now!

  5. This looks awesome and I was really pleasantly surprised to see the Armor Games name. That’s a name I haven’t thought of since Flash games were relevant.

  6. Man, they published the game GemCraft back in the day and that was one of the best tower defense games ever made

  7. Part of me hopes that the bear has to try and pretend to be human around the guests at the inn, but they do a terrible job but none of the humans think he's a real bear and its just a costume

  8. Maybe like that green text where the guy plays a bear as a DND character that has really high charisma and bluffs being human. It was like Chickenboo where everyone was convinced the chicken was human except for one guy who has it figured out and is astounded (going slightly mad) that nobody else can spot such an obvious disguise.

  9. What if they would just belive him, even if the bear is obviously not a human? No costume or anything. Just a normal BnB owner.

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