1. Ok but like...I'm kinda weak (not my bones, they're strong af) and a few of my friends find it hot and I am absolutely down with being pinned down by a stronger girl >.>

  2. I’m not one to kink shame but we have to draw the line somewhere. Attracted to a pathetic, weak boned person today….tomorrow it could be a fully boneless one, I’m disgusted just thinking about it

  3. I once tried a fake cast to impress a girl but it broke when I got hit by a truck (trucks fault for not seeing me stand in the middle of the road in a snowstorm waiting to be hit)(its part of my daily routine (I feel no pain))

  4. this...attraction disturbs and confuses me. on the one hand, how dare you even consider such a weak simpleton be a part of your life. on the other, the empathy you must have to feel the need to care for such a pathetic fool is commendable. or from a different viewpoint, perhaps you wish to ensnare him in order to educate him on his place in society, at the bottom. we will be watching closely.

  5. So this deviant wants their own mental defects to be passed on to weak boned children? Sounds like a win for the gene pool.

  6. This lady would’ve been an easy target for Jeffrey Dahmer. He used fake casts to lure women into thinking he was harmless.

  7. I understand when women project their motherly love on to some sick guy, because the flesh is weak after all. But some weak boned nobody?

  8. Scars i got but never broke a bone even when being hit by a car or shot by a nail gun pressured too shoot nails in concrete.

  9. The scene from futurama with amy leaving a person with a broken arm to go to a person in a full body cast comes to my mind after reading this

  10. Disgusting, I will never join myself with someone so weak. All my strong bones ancestors won't be ashamed by me.

  11. At least he knows how quickly his bones heal, imagine thinking your bones are strong but you don’t even know how fast they heal. Now that’s pathetic.

  12. You’re attracted to people with broken bones because it’s “cute”. I’m attracted to people with scars because they’re hot. We are not the same

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