1. How does the weighted blanket help? I have been thinking about trying one but I haven’t been sure it would actually make any difference.

  2. You still drive, eh? I would love to know more about you guys and your experiences in regards to driving. I forget that there are Narcoleptics that do still drive.

  3. Ha ha ha ha I relate to no. 2 of your least helpful. So many mornings spent rolling over and looking for my pills, realising my pills are in my handbag on the other side of my room, accepting my fate and going back to sleep lol.

  4. 1 - Metro transit to car / house. Easy to sneak naps in to/from work. There's a couple ppl sleeping on each train so no one cares.

  5. Honestly, the number one best thing for me has been finding a psychiatrist/doctor that I *acutally* like and who seems to really, actually care about 1. me, 2. my condition, and 3. helping me get better. She even gave me her PERSONAL cell phone #, which I just think is amazing in and of itself - I've never, ever had a doctor or tbh any kind of professional like that give me (and trust me with) their personal number. That trust means a lot to me and I even feel like it's helping me - when given that amount of trust, it really makes you value the relationship and not want to abuse the "power" that's been given to you, imo.

  6. Daily naps, 2-3 hours every day from 1/2pm to 4-5pm. It's been extremely helpful, but I know not everyone is as lucky as I am to be able to do so.

  7. I second the weighted blankets. They're absolutely amazing and have helped me fall asleep easier (they're cozy and I feel secure once under it).

  8. These are all really good tips - I've definitely fallen asleep for naps that are too close to bed time and messed up my sleep schedule. The gym helps me too, if I'm awake enough to go or have a buddy to drag me there.

  9. Any tips for training the dog to be obnoxious in the morning (but not the rest of the day)? Did you work with a trainer or do it yourself?

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