1. my aunt is a school nurse. she knows at least 5 Nevaehs. and every parent of every Nevaeh says “it’s heaven spelled backwards.”

  2. One of my favorite shows of all time is Upload on Amazon Prime (seriously, it's so fucking good). It's set about 12 years in the future. There's a little girl in it named Nevaeh. I saw a post or an interview or something somewhere where one of the writers picked it because it was a super popular girl's name right now, so it would make sense that you'd see a preteen girl named Nevaeh in 2034. Lol.

  3. haha i’ve had the same experience! and then in my area, i’ve come across a handful of parents who decide to spell the name differently (Nevaya, Niveah, etc) which DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE 🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. I've had at least 3 lol and one in the school that I didn't teach. To their credit two of them were actually spelled heaven backwards, only one was spelled incorrectly

  5. What kills me about the unique spellings is that in so many cases IT CHANGES THE PRONUNCIATION! Aytumn looks like "ay-tum" to me and Abbye would be "abb-yee". And of course the parents will complain when you pronounce their kid's name wrong

  6. For real. I can live with Izakk and Donivin since at least they’re phonetically correct for the names they’re trying to be, but Addyison, Aytumn, etc irk my brain so much

  7. I could get on board if it was pronounced Shar- instead of Char- but CHARlie is literally my midwestern retired electrician uncle. It feels like naming your daughter Ralph or Dennis or Allen to me. I just envision an older male baby boomer every time I hear Charlie, I am sincerely curious as to how this trend of using it for girls got started.

  8. Kaig Jaykay sounds like their parents were tossing out names and someone was like, “Kaig. JK! I would never do that to a child.” And their spouse replied “Kaig Jaykay is the most beautiful name I have ever heard! We must saddle a child with it immediately!”

  9. Yeah a lot of gender switched names aren't bad, but Lillian was rough for sure, it's the worst one I've heard.

  10. Ryann is the least offensive unique spelling. I had a co-worker Ryann a couple of years ago. Didn't really bat an eye at the second 'n'.

  11. Just want to say thank you for excluding ethnic and Native American names, that is something I've seen happen here that has kind of irked me a bit. (Of course, I'm sure some may not realize it when they post the names since original posters don't always include photos and they may not have been around other cultures).

  12. It was popular in the southeastern part of the US especially. I've known people in my mom's generation with names like Mary-Lou, Mary-Sue, Ellie-May, John-Paul, Sara-Beth, Anne-Marie, Jo-Ann, etc... I have seen some that don't really work together though.

  13. Lilian is a gender neutral name that can absolutely be used for a boy. Charlie is a very popular girl name in French. It's the feminine version of "Charles".

  14. If they had Sandy & Clayton’s last names as middle names (or God forbid their last names as first names) I would be appalled, but as siblings/twins those aren’t bad. Hardly anyone their generation would catch on to the reference, certainly no one not a diehard Dodgers fan. Sandy got the short end of the stick of the two with that name I will admit.

  15. The baseball nerd in me was rooting for a baby Nolan/Ryan or a Robert(a) Gibson Lastname, but the rational person just wishes they had given Sandy a full name and called him Sandy as a nickname. For honor names of famous people though they're not the worst.

  16. charlie is gender neutral though. i graduated high school with two girls named charlie (different spellings - charlee and charley).

  17. No offence to OP, but I don’t think it’s really professional to post publicly about the names of children in professional situations such as school, day care or at the paediatrician’s. A lot of these kids have unique and uncommon names so it wouldn’t be difficult to track them down. I know that you probably didn’t mean any ill intent OP but as a teacher it’s weird to publicly put children’s names on blast for. Children, no matter how bizarrely named, deserve privacy.

  18. I've just never seen it spelled that way it's always been Maddox and naming your kid someone else's surname has always felt a little weird to me lol idk.

  19. I hate to break it to you but JayKay could also be a fandom based name depending on the age of the parents. My first thought with that one was that they must be into a specific kpop group & the kid is named after their favorite in the group. (Which, while I wouldn’t do it, is kind of cool.)

  20. I’m probably gonna get some hate for this, but I don’t mind Karma. For the longest time, I thought it was an old lady name spelled Carma. I also had a classmate in middle school named Karma, and one of my favorite anime characters is Karma Akabane. My classmate wore it super well, and she never seemed out of place, never got shit for her name either. I’d never use it for a kid, mainly because I don’t plan on having any at all, but I don’t think it deserves to be on the same list as Kaig and Jaykay.

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