1. It's honestly the quietest center-fire gun I've ever shot and I have the same "that's awesome" response when I shoot it.

  2. I just use a bucket full of play sand when I feel the need to pop off a couple rounds. The disadvantage is that I only shoot downward.

  3. Its a custom rifle built from a Lee Enfield host rifle. The company that made the .45ACP conversion kit is SIA, and he is unfortunately no longer in business. The integral suppressor was a one-off custom made for this rifle.

  4. man. i’m just thinking about how rad it would be to have a chrono for load development next to your fucking reloading desk. what a rad set up this is

  5. Always wanted to build 3 or 4 of these in various chambers. (510RW, 416 hushpuppy, 45 raptor, 45 acp, 50AE, 300 black out.) But alas just a pipe dream.

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