1. We as a Muslim do not need scientific proof the demonstrate why something is Haram or not. Allah already told us what is correct. Such debates would eventually corrupt your mind and begin to doubt because you don’t have an answer. Avoid them and plus it’s waste of your time

  2. I understand you, but I have already had my share of doubts, I quit Islam for about 4 years but I converted back 5 years ago after researching further into Islam. The question I asked is not for myself, I 100% believe that homosexuality is wrong, but so many times I find myself unable to continue a debate about Islam with a non-Muslim once they bring up this topic, and I just want to be able to clear misconceptions about Islam, after all, that is my duty as Muslim.

  3. Thank you so much for this, you can't imagine how helpful this is seeing how often I get into debates. جزاك اللّٰه خيرا.

  4. I'd say look at your biology ( anatomy ). Humans are male and female for a reason. The key goes in the lock. Mating males and females produce a baby for a reason, it is supposed to be that way.

  5. Yea but they can counter argue that unlike any other species, we are intelligent and have the medical ability to ensure the survival of the weak ( something nature isnt known to do) through medical interventions. So to have babies regardless of family dynamics through surrogates and sex cell donations would be very possible.

  6. The butthole is no entrance man… any doctor will tell you that. I do not know of any articles but wherever this gaystuff is allowed and practiced the amount of sexual diseases seems to increases a lot. Aids and this new monkey pox being an example.

  7. Science does not prove whether something is morally right or wrong. Science is a tool to make working models of the rules of Universe aka. Sunnatullah (rules Allah set for maintaining order that can be broken by Him at will). If what you are asking for is an explanation as to why homosexuality is harmful for people, that's another thing. Keep in mind that you'd not be arguing on Islamic grounds which is baseless. Most arguments are made from a utilitarian perspective and hence are more for winning the argument than for absolutely proving why it is wrong.

  8. There's no gene that is responsible for homosexuality. They have established that in a recent research. Obviously, the news was not made widespread. I'm not an expert, but I personally think that it's simply a socially conditioned behaviour.

  9. Study the religion instead of going to Reddit looking for answers more then half of these members on this subreddit alone are completely ignorant on over 95% of islam. They couldn’t even tell you the two different versions of jihaad and it’s names.

  10. From a biological view Everything living exists to ensure the survival of their species and to ensure that, they are hardwired to reproduce. And for the majority of living things that involves male and female.

  11. I think trying to find scientific proof to cover all homosexuality is a losing battle - anything you can find that has worse rates in gay men (e.g. highest rate of STDs) is the opposite for lesbians (e.g. lowest rate of STDs), and things like worse mental health outcomes across the board have been shown to be due to the effect of societal discrimination rather than same-sex attraction itself. As many others have said here, if you're getting into arguments about how acceptable homosexuality is, all you do have is religious arguments, and if your friends are not religious, then maybe avoid getting into those arguments in the first place, or just reiterate your own beliefs as a response.

  12. Biological speaking it is impossible to be having gay sex, since the penetration requires some kind of lubricant, if being gay is normal how come we don't release lubricant, and in normal sex obviously the vagina is self cleaning organ which is design to do that, the anus is an exist, and not only that but it's the end of the stomach is the anus you can actually push that back depending on the size, inserting in and out.

  13. There is no homo genes that exists that can tell you that yeah since you have this in your DNA you must like the same sex. Not a single paper, not a single medical publication that says that homo genes exist, which is why people behave in a certain way. It's a social inclination or psychiatric tendency, nothing real or tangible, reportable or measurable.

  14. The truth is that there is no objective “right” or “wrong” in science. We can observe that certain phenomena have a positive or negative impact on other phenomena, and then form our own opinions based on our own beliefs whether that’s a good or bad thing, but there’s no place in the scientific method where you sit down and think about whether something is morally correct or not. You can discuss it in your conclusions, but it would still be opinion. And that’s why a set of beliefs is important imo. Do I think humanity would be without morals without a written set of beliefs? Nope, but I do think the line between right and wrong becomes very blurred such that you can only identify extreme behaviors as “good” or “bad” (like murder will be considered bad no matter what a society’s rules are).

  15. Check out Mohammed Hijab and Muslim Skeptic channels on YouTube. They talk about homosexuality in debates and dawah and they crush it.

  16. If being gay is an ABSOLUTE correct way of having sex, what will happen if every single person on earth turned gay ??? ( let's imagine that all the sperm donor banks didn't exist, were abolished for some reason or scientists hadn't discovered how the male sperm survives in vitro ). So what would happen ??? The human race will cease to exist. ( You can also mention that they believe in the evolution theory which states that the goal of every function in our body is to ensure our survival as individuals and as a race, so that should shut them up. I hope lol)

  17. Like someone mentioned. Anal sex is super dangerous and easily the most risky form of sex there is. If that’s the only way for men to have sex with each other, you already know that’s going to be problematic. Allah doesn’t want us to do things that harm us and while there are other reasons as to why homosexuality is wrong, this is a good scientific reason. Anal sex will lead to a weakened anal sphincter and there is a Hadith about the men of Qawm Lot who couldn’t control their passing of wind. That’s a consequence of their sexual behavior.

  18. I remember one video from FreeQuranEducation (I think it was Nouman Ali Khan) that said that the Qawm Lut could not control the passing of wind.

  19. Well anything that harms you is wrong. Anal sexual intercourse is a cause for gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis, intestinal parasites, HIV, HPV, and syphilis. Now it might be that if you take a lots of precaution you can reduce the risk but that doesn't mean that you are completely safe just like a condom does not 100% prevent pregnancy.

  20. It is also how Islam prohibits things, for example in this scenario it wouldn't allow anal intercourse under the condition that you use a condom, but it instead prohibits it completely, same as with other things like drugs and alcohol. Anyway, thank you very much for this, a great help really.

  21. For atheists there is no right and wrong, to prove that ask him what are the scientific proofs that cheating and lying is wrong ?

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  23. Mention what effects it may have on the kids of gay couples. Kids need someone to call dad and someone to call mom. Besides that they need the energy of both to create a stable personality und character. Thats why kids born with parents which both have feminine traits become p#ssies and kids with mascule mom and dad often are heartless and as#holes. Kids need love and empathy of mother and a masculine father figure which no gay couple on the world can provide.

  24. Justour trust at infinit pour-cent makes us Muslim so even tho there is no scientific proof is as Muslim don’t worry about it, I would say to convince him that ,if a Muslim is gay he won’t have a kid, and knowing that after our death when our kids make dua for us, duaas get accept inchallah. Also knowing without progeny human race would extinct logically being gay won’t hem human race :)

  25. LGBT make up 70% of syphilis cases and are the majority of AIDS and HIV spreaders and contractors. And what's more surprising is that they make 2% of the world's population.

  26. Anything that diminishes sexual reproduction in biology is weeded out genetically. So from that perspective, yes. But science doesn't have moral stances.

  27. Fun fact all the "it's genetic" comments are bull$hit, there is zero scientific proof that it is genetic, there was however a known psychologist that proved it's psychological and presented a cure for, he was forced to apologise and retract it after his method successfully helped a good number of people.

  28. Give them proof about how it's in our DNA to be attracted to the opposite gender, there are many many articles and research done on that and there's no scientific proof that a man can be attracted to a man or a woman to a woman n if they talk about the scientific research done in 1991, there are articles proving it was heavily flawed.

  29. Seeing as the person you are arguing with literally wouldn’t exist if their parents chose to be homosexual, that’s a start. They may use the “we can inseminate an egg now and don’t need heterosexual relations”.. yes, this is true, but it’s only been true for a very limited time. If society leaned towards homosexuality 1000 years ago, 90% of us wouldn’t be here today. It’s simply an unsustainable lifestyle for society.

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  31. Putting aside science and religion; it must mean something that it was never an accepted normal thing in the vast majority of world history. And when it became accepted in certain civilizations like the Romans it led to their demise.

  32. I think the debate with Sheikh autumnal and a LGBT supporter might help. He uses some biological proof and logical ideas to get his point across. Also the reason why heterosexual intercourse is the highest factor in HIV.

  33. The science is obvious but it needs to be understood in the context of common sense & Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest:

  34. Simply ask them if a brother having relationships with his brother is morally disgusting and wrong. If he says that it is then tell him how did you come to that conclusion. Tell him Allah is what gives us anchorage and objective morality

  35. I've already tried that, they say that it's okay for the sake of their desires, I want a scientific proof because science is what they trust the most.

  36. I know that it's not worth it, but when I get asked about it from people who think it's a biological thing and I can't answer scientifically, because science is what they trust most, I feel like I have failed myself and Allah by not knowing enough to respond with.

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