1. Were they created by themselves (or just like that)? Or are they the creators themselves? (52:35) Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Oh no! They just lack conviction. (52:36)

  2. "The sun and the moon run on their fixed courses (exactly) calculated with measured out stages for each"

  3. OK. I am religious guy and have no doubts regarding my faith. I am also fairly well versed in the basic sciences. It really gets on my nerve when people use "scientific" facts to try to prove the existence of God only to fail miserably. All it does it give atheists ammunition to attack Islam. In fact, I have seen this very point being ridiculed and mocked on reddit memes, and used to make fun of the religious.

  4. In general life is not a coincidence. I don’t have any sources it’s just some iman motivation. Atheists can say whatever they want at the end of the day it’s all recorded.

  5. We should simply prove islam from Islam, not from science. That's our mistake. We have to submit to Almighty God alone, not Almighty God and the ever changing science

  6. http://www.aboutatheism.net/articles/wzovydv-quranic-evidences-for-the-motion-of-the-sun-and-the-phenomena-of-night-and-day.cfm

  7. I really am trying to understand the level of the atheists' IQ. Like how bruh did all of this is a coincidence.... like I get agnostics maybe they didn't find Islam yet but atheists are a whole new level of low IQ-ness

  8. Um... yes. Not an atheist, but since objects orbiting around larger objects in space is very normal, yes.

  9. That is called the argument from design. Very interesting to see how many things had to be right for us to exist. I think there is another name for it, but I forget.

  10. Yes, in fact, scientists detect expolanets using many different methods. They find that the majority of them are "hot jupiters". Planets which are extremely close to its host star and is approximately the mass and size of jupiter or bigger. Our solar system is very unusual indeed. Subhanallah.

  11. It goes beyond that. The earth just being in the goldilocks zone is one thing. Like Goldilocks, things can be 'just right.' Not too hot and not too cold. What makes this more perfect, and really prove the point I try to make (I'm like you), is several other things. The sun is at the right stage of its life for us to exist. If it were any bigger, we'd burn, and if it were any smaller, we'd freeze. The earth inhabits a zone full of asteroids that should have and could have driven us to extinction years ago. They did not. Because there exists a planet named Jupiter whose gravitational pull is so damn powerful, any asteroid on its way gets thrown off course.

  12. The Earth gets closer and further from the sun throughout its orbit, the distance is definitely not constant and changes by a few million kilometres IIRC

  13. I often think about it but in the opposite way : the fact that we know we’re the only place with life in a veeeeryy huge place shows that even if the chance to get a planet with life is so low, like 0.000001%, our planet is a proof that it’s possible

  14. ya, there are way too many things that can go horribly wrong with the slightest offset... our world is precisely engineered by Allah to sustain us....

  15. no offence but this isn't the way too go. if you assume infinite galaxies or whatever then it would be improbable for there to be no life only any planet at all

  16. Mathematics isn't perfect: under any propositional basis, there will always be gaps in our knowledge that cannot be filled (or rather, determined). Mathematics - to some extent - is fundamentally flawed.

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