1. I came here to say this. Mine was at a gig and the bassist came out and I am like here we go and then the dude started givin er. The show was superb and I am still a big fan of their work.

  2. Tally up another vote for Silversun Pickups. I first started getting into them when Carnavas had been out for a while, but only enough to be a casual listener. Then Swoon came out and Panic Switch was all over the radio, and I fell in love with that song and looked up information about the band. I had to look at a couple of sites to make sure the band members weren’t misidentified.

  3. Iirc, the guitarist (male) and bassist (female) often double vocals together - so you're getting a decent amount of femme-sounding timbre, and that paired with their higher-pitched range makes our brains think "female."

  4. I too came here to say this. It wasn't until I saw a video of one of their shows that I realized I was wrong.

  5. Huh, I had no idea. I wonder if you can tell with another Q Lazzarus song, but alas I have never heard another one.

  6. I was actually looking to see if anyone was gonna comment about Kellin Quinn. The first time I heard his voice was when he did a song with Pierce the Veil (the song was King for a Day), and I thought that was a girl singing because of his high voice

  7. Massive Attack 'Angel' sung by Horace Andy. Thought it was a chick for years. Learned that it was not only a dude, but I have many Horace Andy albums.

  8. Same here! I even saw a video of a live performance of American Money and still mistook him for a girl. After I found out though I can clearly tell he's a dude from his voice.

  9. I just found out this year, their singer was in a punk band I listened to back in like 2003. Anatomy of a Ghost. They weren't spectacular, but I was big into Coheed and Cambria back then, so I was sold just on "post-punk with high pitched vocals"

  10. Yeah the first time I heard Monsoon by Tokio Hotel on Guitar Hero World Tour I thought their singer was a girl (at least up until the last chorus)

  11. Either no one remembers Coheed and Cambria or no one else was floored seeing the video of a dude singing that. I thought it was just part of the video- that they got some portly dude to lip sync to the song like getting a celebrity to play the lead.

  12. I call this the "Cigarettes After Sex" effect. For months I was conviced that Greg Gonzalez is a lady with a sexy, raspy voice until I stumbled on a live performance on youtube and found out he's normal looking, beardy dude with the voice of an angel and a massive talent for pulling on your heart strings.

  13. I would definitely describe his voice as androgynous. I did assume he was a dude though maybe based on the actual lyrics more so than anything

  14. I was probably on their 2nd or 3rd listen through their album when I started catching the pronouns and figured it out and felt like a moron.

  15. I, I feel so dumb right now. I've listened to Believe several times and I've always known it's a famous Cher song, but somehow I didn't make the connection till now.

  16. Hanson. When my middle school switched up to calling them the Hanson brothers, it quickly cleared things up, but I secretly thought people were being rude to those talented sisters.

  17. Back before you could google things, I thought Geddy Lee from Rush was a woman for years. I was in my 20s the first time I saw his picture in a Rolling Stone magazine and was very confused.

  18. This is way too far down. I had a straight friend in college who thought Molko was a hot chick in the "Pure Morning" video.

  19. Same. I knew Alison Moyet was in the band but still thought the guy was the lead singer. Wasnt til I stumbled on a video I learned Alison was the singer.

  20. I also didn't believe my own eyes, when I saw Rick Astley for the first time after listening to "Never Gonna Give You Up" on Radio Luxembourg in the summer of 1987.

  21. I’m not the only one?! I just assumed she was a dude for the longest time but once I found out I didn’t know how I made the mistake.

  22. Whoa this is the first answer in the thread that threw me. I legit always thought that was sung by a dude

  23. The lead singer of Rush, Geddy lee. Not growing up Rush in the main stream media but knowing their music as classic rock, i thought it was a chick for the longest time until one of the band members died recently and they're all over the TV

  24. Me and my dad both thought Ambrose Kenny-Smith, the harmonica/keyboards player of King Gizzard, was a female based on his singing voice but turned out was a guy. Bit of a running joke among the band’s fans at this point

  25. Yeah, when I first got into them I was wondering who they got to do the woman's part on "I'm not a man unless I have a woman". Turns out it was just Amby :')

  26. Came here to say this, Brody Dalle has a beautiful punk as fuck voice. But I always thought she was a dude when I was growing up listening to them, it was really cool to find out she wasn’t.

  27. Nick Gilder - Hot Child in the City and Head East - Never Been any Reason. Both sound female. Can’t think of any with a female that sounds male.

  28. The Widow threw me for such a loop when I was first getting into them. His voice sounds so feminine that I was shocked to figure out it was a dude.

  29. dont they have both male and female vocals in a lot of their songs, though?? ia that kevin shields has a fairly androgynous voice, though.

  30. 3 year old me loved We will rock you, 3 year old me hated the girl who sang We are the champions on the following track of my Queen’s album. I still remember when it ‘clicked’

  31. Air Supply. When I first heard them I thought it was a male / female duo as I thought Russell Hitchcocks voice was female.

  32. Check out Happy Rhodes. 4 octave range. People wonder who the guy is singing with Kate Bush.

  33. Growing up, I'd hear I Wanna Be Your Lover by Prince on the radio and thought it was a woman singing it

  34. definitely Geddy Lee of Rush and Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel. they both sounded like women (hell, Bill could pass for a woman back when Monsoon and the like were coming out)

  35. When I first heard the band Beast in Black (it was the song Ghost in the Rain) I assumed they had 2 singers: 1 man and 1 woman. Turns out it's the same man singing it all, and that he just has an insanely good vocal range.

  36. So I knew that Emerson Lake and Palmer were 3 guys. I graduated in ‘75 and like all Angelenos back then we went to Disney for grad night. Imagine my surprise later when my friends and I decided not to go see the band, guys, playing that night cuz we’d never heard of them. Olivia Newton John.

  37. When I first heard Temper Trap I would swear that the lead singer was a woman, and it wasn't until I had an argument with someone about this that I checked and found a video of the singer. In my defense I'm half deaf, so can be lead astray, but that singer is amazing

  38. It was the band slothrust for me, the lead singer has a lower register in her voice and it took me a full uear to realize it was a woman singing. Doesn't detract anything from the music, was just a cool realization

  39. My father in law got into the artist named LP and at first listen there are hints of feminine sound but he kept saying "I just love his voice!" So I just assumed he was correct about the artists gender. I didn't learn until months later the voice we all love and enjoy is actually a woman. It's a very interesting voice and when you close your eyes you can picture a man or woman as the owner of the voice.

  40. Look up the songs 'Roxy Roller' and 'Hot Child In The City' from the late 70s. People are always surprised to find out the singer, Nick Gilder, is male.

  41. I thought Tracy Chapman was a dude. Great artist. Great music. But when I first heard her on the radio all those years ago I thought it was a guy

  42. All the most beautiful high "female" voices are actually very large and stocky black men who definitely identify as male.

  43. That dude who sings the song turn me loose (i think the band was loverboy?), i thought it was a woman singing.

  44. Lush (Ladykillers, etc.) had me scratching my head for a good while - Miki Berenyi’s vocal register is right in the spot which could equally have been traversed by both male and female vocalists, especially in the style of the time (read: Britpop).

  45. Yeah, two. The Mars Volta has a dude singing and Jinjer's female singer also does the growling parts.

  46. I thought Anastacia would sound exactly like Jack Black in Left outside alone when she did the chorus. A friend was listening to her and I thought it was Jack Black so I asked if he did a cover and he looked at me like I was crazy. Once you hear it you can’t go back.

  47. Came here to say the same thing about Tracy Chapman. I vividly remember sitting at the bar where I worked and finding out she’s a woman and it absolutely blew my mind.

  48. There was this band, Venom Prison on the bill with some other bands I knew and was going to see. I listened to some of their stuff before I went. Sounds like regular ole death metal. They come on stage, and the lead singer is this little blonde, Welsh pixie who proceeds to demolish the entire set. It was amazing

  49. It blew my mind when I learned that the artist who did Walking on Broken Glass was named Annie Lennox and was a female.

  50. Listened to a band called Hikes for a while before I realized the main singer is trans. Listen to them even more now.

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