1. I assume that there was a vesting period for whatever mechanism he had in place to share the proceeds. You're not giving $1M to the employee that you hired 3 weeks ago.

  2. My company rewarded us with a stake so I’ll get a great payout if they ever sell. Idk why it’s so hard for people at the top to pay it forward sometimes. Like Cuban still gets to be a billionaire, and he took care of the people who got him there. Both things are possible if you’re not so damn greedy.

  3. Honestly I’m like 50/50 on Cuban, because sure he’s paid forward the money he’s gotten to the people who helped him get there, he did also start a company to sell affordable medicine but he’s also a billionaire so theres gotta be shady shit he’s doing

  4. I don’t even understand, being greedy, whenever you have so much money that you will never run out of it. It’s got to be some kind of mental addiction like those people who get hooked on gambling or stockpile things.

  5. Cuban being a billionaire while 300 people became millionaires means he still took over 60% of the earnings for himself.

  6. There are no truly good billionaires. You have to take advantage of systems that are essentially built on slavery to even come close to that rich. Billionaires can and have done good, but there are no good billionaires as long as they are billionaires.

  7. It’s because it’s not really money. It’s ownership of companies. That amount of straight money for one person basically loses meaning

  8. Reminder that Mark Cuban opened an online pharmacy (Costplusdrugs) which offers prescription drugs for a fraction of the costs anywhere else. He blows Musk out of the water in every way imaginable

  9. I started buying the two medications I take daily on that. It costs less to buy them from that site than it would cost to pay my insurance prescription copay.

  10. My power ball winning fantasy is to give most of it away. Wtf am I gonna do with a billion dollars? I like the idea of getting homeless people off the streets with a few years pay to help them get straight. You can t save everyone but you can make a dent.

  11. Just went in costplusdrugs to see what my $20 a month with insurance medication costs. $5 dollars on the site, insurance is an even bigger scam than I imagined.

  12. Mark Cuban is the last billionaire we'll eat (joke aside, I think he's one of the few good guy out there)

  13. In case anyone needs the info, Costco and Sam’s Club offer even lower prices, including for ADHD meds.

  14. I just started using his pharmacy. Got my meds quickly without a hitch. That pharmacy is going to save me a lot of money.

  15. Idk about that. Getting the car industry to invest into electric vehicles are definitely a step in the right direction. There were barely any electric cars until Tesla started taking off.

  16. This is literally just silly marketing tho. This are generic drugs, that you already can buy literally everywhere, for the same price or even cheaper. He is not offering them for the cost of a fraction than anywhere else. There is no money to be made in the generic drugs business, its very competitive, and the only reason why he is making lots of money now is because people like you do the marketing for him. He is making lots of profit now, on drugs that were sold for this price to begin with at pretty much every pharmacy.

  17. The first time I saw him he was propping up on of those crypto games-as-job pyramids. He gets good PR by making minor patches for holes in society that his class creates and lives off of.

  18. He’s definitely gotten a lot better as a person as he aged, but yeah, he still profits off the system that loves the rich and loathes the poor

  19. Not a comment on Cuban either way, but if I were a billionaire, I'd be trying to help with one hand, and working with the other to ensure I can keep funding the projects (and living comfortably).

  20. And, like, even if you take his tweet at face value, he kept half of the profit of his first business sale. He alone didn’t contribute half of the company’s value, but just because he happened to be there first, he gets a disproportionate share of the rewards?

  21. Which isn’t saying much because he still stole a billion dollar that he did almost nothing for except have money. He doesn’t make anything, he doesn’t distribute anything. He just has people do it and takes the money from what they produced. People can’t fathom how much a billion dollars is. That means those 330 people were shorted millions of dollars, and I bet there were many other who were screwed as well.

  22. Fair, but there's a difference between worshipping and supporting how one does their business, or correcting outright incorrect takes. Doesn't take worship to have a positive opinion

  23. There's a lot of media brainwashing. For example, whenever we see countries like China smacking down billionaires, the narrative is "oh no, poor billionaire, USA good because we protect our billionaires".

  24. Man, I always want to like this guy and he does make some good points from time to time....but what a fucking contrarian asshole. I can't imagine having to suffer through a conversation with someone like him.

  25. You just linked an article that says Cuban fired employees after hearings news of their alleged sexual misconduct, but you’re presenting this as if it reflects poorly on him or is somehow related to class struggle.

  26. Im not passionate about Cuban or any billionaire.. but this is a stupid argument to make here. It's not really related to the topic here and seems like you just googled "Mark Cuban bad" and found article he was mentioned in and uses this as a reason for him being bad.

  27. False no one has to be good or bad just cause someone has billions doesn't mean they're a bad person you're just mad cause you cant get there

  28. This video isn't effective at persuading people. It is preaching to the choir - the people who like it are the people who already agree.

  29. There's no such thing as a good one. While that is a great payout for the exploitative world we live in, 90% of what he got out of it is value produced by his workers. He's certainly a better one, still a fat fucking leech.

  30. How about, crazy thought here, instead of depending psychopathic billionaire philanthropy, we prevent them from becoming billionaires in the first place.

  31. Hahaha you think they split it evenly? His top 5 execs probably got 90% of that and the rest of the employees split the leftovers. Trickle down bonuses.

  32. When you are an employee you take 0 risk you collect a paycheck, but the company founder has invested capital and had to come up with the business idea.

  33. Not really sure how this is Murdered by Words. Cuban's own words say that he became a billionaire while about 90% of his employees became millionaires. How exactly is that NOT profiting off their work? Do you think he generated 90% of that wealth himself?

  34. He took the risk of running a company, they didn’t. They don’t get bankrupt if the company goes down, he does. He gave them 7-digit bonuses, that’s pretty honorable imo.

  35. He could have given more. He could have given less. He could have given zero. I doubt he was under any legal or contractual obligation to do so, but he gave because he thought it was the appropriate thing to do. Good for him.

  36. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD BILLIONAIRE. Jesus people yes he’s done good things but let’s not pretend his acquisition and hoarding of wealth in such comical amounts is in any way a net positive for the world.

  37. Exactly. He paid his employees what was reasonable, then when he sold it for 10x what it was actually worth he shared the profit. He couldn’t have paid them all huge salaries to begin with or the company would have failed.

  38. Cuban made his money on stock sales, not profit from revenue. When Yahoo bought Broadcast.com, he was paid in Yahoo stock, at which time he was no longer boss.. He made his billion by later selling Yahoo stock for profit, again, at which time Cuban no longer had any employees. Not to forget Cuban is actually trying to lower prescription drugs costs.

  39. When Cuban joined Shark Tank, it was reported that he wouldn’t sign up unless ABC stopped the automatic taking of 5% of the entrepreneurs company whether they signed a deal or not. Cuban is the only one I would do a deal with.

  40. So his first company, he extracted 50% of the sale value (the overwhelming majority of which was created by those employees) along with a likely sizable annual income. The way he phrases it sounds nice, but that first company was sold and each employee made $12.5k off of it and could have easily lost their employment. They should've made like $20k each and he'd still have made $400k off of it.

  41. So what you’re saying is he should’ve shared the £5b profit with his employees, and his employees should’ve then foot the £14b bill as presumably it was also them that lost the money?

  42. He was 1 of 81 people at his first company but took 50% of the money. If he did as much work as all 80 of the other employees combined, fine, fair is fair.

  43. Tough to support a guy that denies the massive slavery in China and said he wasent going to play the national anthem at Mavs games.. he is a PR opportunist and ego maniac

  44. Well, no, he's not. He's engaged in some very predatory business tactics, and sabotaged competitors who were more ethical than he was. But he's not one of the bad ones for this specific reason, and on the whole, he's one of the least evil billionaires out there.

  45. I disagree with the title. He’s certainly no Elon or Saudi oil tycoon but he’s still hoarding wealth while millions go without basic needs

  46. He's always been one of the good guys. Way before all this social media. Before all the clout chasing. Before you uploaded videos to YouTube about your good deeds. He was just a good guy like that.

  47. I’m willing to bet Those ‘employees’ were all paid with stock or otherwise rightful owners of any money he ‘gave’ them. And notice in the 2nd example he doesn’t say gave but they became. That’s why critical thinking is important.

  48. So for the sale of the first company, he thinks he worked 80x harder than all of his employees combined? And for the second company, over 1000x more than 330 employees combined?

  49. He does that because it’s the only way to keep them on once they know he’s selling because no one‘s gonna wanna work for company, after he sells and the new owner, is going to need employees it’s not a self-act it’s a money making act

  50. I’m going to need to see proof and not just his claim. He’s an Ayn Rand follower and it’s not in their nature to be generous.

  51. No, he's not! Literally, he's saying he only took HALF what he didn't earn or contribute the first time, and more than half the next time! He was not part of the sale value of the company, since he didn't stick around, yet he kept 50% and >50% each time! How does that make him a "good one?" Because he didn't take *quite* as much as the other billionaires for himself?

  52. No he’s not, but y’all keep living in your neoliberal fantasy where billionaires are the good guys (y’all remember the elon musk dickriding like 4 years ago?)

  53. I have a friend that served Mark Cuban’s party at a restaurant in Dallas years ago. She said he was one of the few famous and rich people that actually spoke to the servers like they were people. Made eye contact, said please and thank you, left a nice tip, and had a huge, absolute monster dick. Just like, mind-breakingly gargantuan. It was so big it had its own gravity and little, lesser dicks orbited it.

  54. Is Mark Cuban perfect? Hell no. He definitely has problematic things like the sexual assault in the Mavs org.

  55. Yeah let's pick a better target than the one that started a pharmacy that made hundreds of meds affordable (for example, he's selling a leukemia medication that retails for more than $2,500 for $14.40 )

  56. He may be better than most, but billionaires still need to be taxed out of existence. No one should have that much money.

  57. In building that company he had to pay the employees less than the value they produce. If the company went under and all money was lost the workers would never have gotten that money. He was essentially taking other peoples money, gambling it and than giving back so that he could earn from it. It’s still unethical just way less unethical than what you see musk or bezos do.

  58. Or, hear me out… he understands the rules of the game and found a way to profit by operating within the rules. He’s literally the fucking definition of a successful person. When given the opportunity to pocket a large lump sum or take care of the people that helped him succeed, he took care of his people. Of course he’s trying to make money, that’s the name of the game. That’s never going to change. If that’s what you’re holding out for, prepare for a miserable lifetime of being flat broke.

  59. If the company goes under the employees lose a job, but the founder/shareholder would have lost everything. If the company was worth 100M Cuban would lose all of it and the employees nothing.

  60. There is no good capitalist because if they are successful they are stealing value from their workers, period

  61. So...he kept 50% of his first companies profit? Now I'm not saying that's terrible, but did he really contribute 50% of the value his company produced?

  62. If he hadn't started the company they wouldn't have shit. Did he do 50% of the labor? No. But he took on the risk, had the vision, hired the people, and wasn't obligated to give them anything but a paycheck.

  63. If reddit could stop sucking him off that would be awesome, it really seems like he's being positioned as the opposite Trump, leading us to an election between two billionaire businessmen which people will cheer for

  64. You ask great questions but 90% of the comments will only upvote platitudes like “no good billionaires”. The problem with policymaking is with deciding what is the maximum upside/valuation a company can have and that goes against capitalism in itself.

  65. Simping for billionaires is disgusting, I don't care who it is. Billionaires shouldn't exist, the accumulation of capital to that degree is precisely what demands the impoverished misery of billions of other human beings.

  66. It's not that Mark Cuban isn't "one of the good ones". It's that we have to rely on a billionaire being a "good one" just to get a little piece of the meal at the table instead of the crumbs on the floor.

  67. So Mark Cuban would be in favor of returning to 90% income taxation for his bracket and aggressive anti-monopoly prosecution & legislation? Pro-citizen spending policy too?

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