1. I will never understand why religious people are so eager to be "pro-life" before the birth, but don't care about the well-being of the mother/child after. The decision taken regarding the abortion and women rights upon their own body is sick. Good thing though : this US decision will probably make abortion a Constitution right in France.

  2. I’ve got a cousin deep in some evangelical sect. Against just about everything. But her parents had sex before marriage , shotgun wedding and a miraculous “6 month pregnancy” that resulted in a healthy, normal weight baby - since it was really 9 months. Cousin also had lots of promiscuous sex and underage drinking and drug use. But “God will forgive her” because she’s a good, (evangelical) Christian girl. And she loves casually saying she’s going to miss us in heaven since we’re damned to hell.

  3. Because the whole point of their fight is to make sure that they're actually born, they want the brownie points for bringing in a new life but after that the usual conservative cliche of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps comes into play.

  4. Because to conservatives, words are the sounds you make to get closer to your goal. Meaning and logic are for liberals.

  5. Religious faith requires a complete suspension of logic and cognitive dissonance , so pointing out their hypocrisy will get you nowhere.

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