1. Maybe he just didn't update the game and that's why he can't connect to the servers and is erroneously getting the banned error message.

  2. Probably getting deleted because you aren't supposed to publicly discuss bans. Go to the official Mordhah Discord or find a way to contact the mods on Reddit

  3. you obviously got banned for a reason lol. There are no such things as false bans due to no anti-cheat, so concrete evidence is needed before the mods decide to perma ban someone from the game.

  4. Not necessarily true. I got banned for a few days about a month ago for placing a ballista out of bounds which is 100% something i've never done. Friend contacted the mods and they worked out they'd made a mistake and removed the ban right away.

  5. I hate this rhetoric "every ban is manually orchestrated so it can never be wrong", People make mistakes all the time, of course you can get a false ban?

  6. mods can still ban you for an invalid reason. I've been banned on false premises and had to go to a head mod to sort it out. Sometimes the mods are just misinformed on the rules, see something wrong, or want to exert their power onto someone for no good reason.

  7. Ok well…what did you do? Also, take a fucking screenshot next time. Like damn you didn’t even try to take a decent pic of your screen.

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