1. I leave the radiator on all day in the room where my plants are so the temp doesn't go below 18c. They are also in an ikea cabinet with a growlight. I made a mistake of putting one of them near the window in another room where my musa basjoo are and lost two leaves to cold damage in just 2 days. So make sure your monsteras are far from drafts.

  2. Sorry for getting to this late. And I'll do my best to keep it away from drafts and invest in a grow light. Thank you for helping me.

  3. I felt my monsteria in the conservatory it dropped to 0c most nights all fine. Aloe Vera, snake plant, jade, spider plant ect. As long as they are exposed to the cold slowly they'll be fine and these were young plants. I've heard of people who had them in - 2c. I live in Hull and the winters are 9months long, I left an aloe Vera pup outside all year was fine only when dry tho idk about them being wet.

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