1. The lower, smaller leaves are actually older leaves. It’s normal for them to get droopy and eventually die off. It’s a beautiful plant!

  2. It will naturally happen, its beautiful new leaves are doing such a good job that the old ones aren’t needed, they’ll die of eventually. I normally prune the non-fenstrated leaves once it starts putting out mature leaves

  3. mines lower leaves droop when thirsty but i have one wierd leaf that is always droopy no matter what its weird. It never hardened or something.

  4. It can be normal (the old leaves will die eventually) but make sure you give it proper care. If this is your first monstera, look on the internet how to take care of her. Make sure you are not over watering (you will get root rot) and you may need to change the pot, it looks a bit small for a plant so big.

  5. Only speaking from exp since my monstera also does this, this is nothing to worry about (AFAIK). I just loosely tie up all the lower leaves with a piece of string to prop them a bit and make them look better.

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