1. I would love this. Over 2000 throwing knife kills and I'm waiting for a different skin for them to be easier to retrieve.

  2. I left a comment asking for this when black ops 2 trailer came out 10 years later still no camo on equipment Imagine camouflaging you claymore to the color of the grass though 🗿

  3. Nah. I’m more surprised than anything TBH, I get nothing but markers with Claymores. Proximity mines though? Always do the job.

  4. I run with proximity mines for my sniper classes and my battle rifle ones and have had a few people run past them because of spotter perk I think especially on Tarqi map when I am in the 2nd floor of the building(intact).

  5. No.. there a counters for it. Bomb squad you can just run through claymores albeit you’re one shot af but at least you have a chance. Spotter which can make for some interesting moments. Hack the equipment and shoot outside the door and run away. Guy dies by his own claymore.

  6. I don’t think OPs a piece of shit or anything but logic like this is so flawed. There’s never been a gun that’s so OP it can’t be “countered.” Something having a counter in a game doesn’t mean it’s not cheesy

  7. I don't understand why everyone doesn't run bomb squad. Explosives are so strong in this game and the majority of tier 1 perks are garbage, with bomb squad clearly being the best one.

  8. Hit the 6 squares in the upper right hand corner, bottom middle of the menu that pops out should say stats, multiplayer/load out/equipment and you're lookin at em.

  9. Nah. I use them in search with restock on and people hate it. I solo Que and it’s my favourite mode, I have to watch my back somehow

  10. Nope, with how stupid the spawn system is in this game, it’s a valid strategy to just drop them immediately behind you after getting a kill anywhere on any map bc odds are an enemy is bout to spawn right behind you

  11. yes, if you kill me in Collar Doody, you're a pos and you're using unfair advantages like sniping which takes no skill. I hope your family dies in an automobile wreck.

  12. Fuck no. I use them all the time, it’s not my fault players run through them, there’s a perk to prevent that!

  13. Nah man. I started playing more tactical recently cause I’ve realized how bad I was just running around all billy Willy without a care in the world.

  14. I never even considered the tactical camera til I saw a teammate use one in a game of search so I gave it a shot and holy crap they're so freaking useful for domination too! Pop one up on the wall and instantly have an alert anytime enemies are detected where it's looking and be able to single handedly hold down 2 flags or monitor one bomb site while you defend another. They don't even disappear when you die. Never leave home without them now.

  15. You’re the guy who plays shoot house exclusively and runs double tactical with claymores on the top of both stairs, but still gets Quickscoped through window by average SA-B 50 users.

  16. Nope, you using what you find fun. I mean it is pretty funny hearing people get pissed about it like you just killed them one off the nuke when they barely have a UAV

  17. I also have many claymore kills. It is a good slow down or counter for all of these runners that try their hardest to get into the back lines to spawn camp. Also perfect for all the amoeba brained people with red rage in their eyes out for revenge that keep returning to one area.

  18. no, you’re playing the game how you like. You paid the money for it, you could do whatever you want. dont let anyone tell you otherwise

  19. My fav thing to do is lure trash talkers into sniper 1v1s and then just use claymores and ammo boxes let the rage they have run its course it’s amazing everytime

  20. Haha no I’m a pos, I put a suppression mine down and a claymore and prox mine down behind a door in WarZone. 4 minutes later see I got a team wipe 😂

  21. Their own fault I'd say. I very rarely die to one, though I will admit, when I had to do a daily for kills with claymores today I was surprised at how often people manage to walk into those, especially if you resupply and set down a second one.

  22. These are insta death for me every time. At least with the other mines they glow red or beep, Betties u can duck under. Claymores get me 9/10.

  23. No one really runs spotter since it has to compete with hardline and fast hands so claymores are great in this game.

  24. Please do me a favor and communicate to the person changing the game modes, I know you guys want more money from the new COD but let’s quick messing around now and establish rebirth back on there or do a .99$ fee to play rebirth or some but don’t take rebirth back off Thank You

  25. I love claymores! Dude trying to chase me? I turn around at a corner, drop the claymore and keep on running with a sweet score popping up on my screen.

  26. Shiii…I get so mad at that sometimes. But then I stop and think well…if I wasn’t running around like a chimp high on speed it wouldn’t be affecting me as badly😂

  27. Thank god for drill charges. The best new equipment that cod has done in ages. And they’ve made claymores and mines a lot more visible so I think overall it’s been balanced quite well

  28. No, but I might be persuaded if that was a prox mine instead. Those are much more difficult to spot even though they’re technically not as deadly

  29. It's a shame there's no progression for equipment. It would be sweet if you could unlock camos or even tuning for lethals, tacticals, field upgrades, killstreaks, etc.

  30. This post inspired me to change my lethal to a claymore earlier. I think I landed a dozen claymore kills in one match. A few double kills st at that.

  31. Heck nah dude! Claymore are hilarious. In snd you’ll throw a claymore and forget about it and 30 seconds later you got a kill 😂😂

  32. I remember in the original modern warfare II, it would tell you when your equipment got hacked. Why don't any of the newer games do this?

  33. I use these all the time and will continue to use then AND High Alert if they're going to constantly spawn the person that I just killed behind me.

  34. 75% of the time I put a claymore down the enemy just jumps/runs through it and it either A doesnt explode or B explodes an entire second after theyve already passed and does no damage.

  35. No I just means you either really like claymore’s, or you are good at placing them in the right spots, or both.

  36. I tried used them, but they never seem to trigger. Legit watch people walk past them and it doesn’t go off.

  37. I think claymores should go back to killing the user if too close. If anyone has ever set one of these bad boys off in real life, you don’t want to be anywhere near them or within 100 metres of them 😂

  38. Ive got 1000 plus with the frag grenade, if you learn how to cook them and throw theyre insane. So underrated

  39. Btw a question. If I place claymore and die in the round, will the claymore still be there or de-spawns when I respawn ?

  40. I realized how good claymore were back in like cod 4 mw2 days lol, the red marker coming out if them definitely makes it hard to use correctly but once you figure it out people can't really do much i

  41. Yes someone using a claymore to camp is a POS /s That shit is stupid, if you were smart you would use spotter and hack it. People getting mad over how someone plays is so childish it is sad.

  42. The fact that this game has four different types of mines says something about the kind of player the developers are pandering to.

  43. The kind who want to play guns with slower ads and inadequate hip fire who want a counter to dudes running around real fast with smgs? Emp is great for them

  44. Claymores have been so effective against sweats who sprint everywhere. And especially the people who jump around corners. I just angle the claymore in anticipation for it and boom right when they land from the jump. It’s hilarious lol

  45. Thoughts: We're nearly 20 years into Modern Warfare games with claymores. Even non-players by now know about claymores.

  46. “Well we can’t have that, the claymore guy needs more of an advantage. Here we’ll slow your ads down by 33% while jumping! That should help the sentinel have a chance!”

  47. Nah. Claymores take thought to drop in the right spot. You simply can’t spam claymores. If you run solo a lot it’s a great option to watch your own back.

  48. I used them a lot and most of the time bait players by shooting the walls in which players come at me only to die to a claymore.

  49. Nope, I love my claymore. Honestly you can use it aggressively if you want as well, which is what I do. On shoothouse, I go up to the office doors, open them, maybe shoot a bit, then plant one and wait. Without fail, after 20 seconds they lose their patience and come for you lol.

  50. I used them a lot when working on snipers and marksman now that I’m doing the battle rifle I’m more rushing so don’t use them

  51. These honestly do not feel nearly as effective as they were in MW2019. Maybe I just suck with placement I hardly ever get kills with them unless I'm intentionally not engaging in combat and they are just live for like a full minute but most times I'm engaging and when I die they despawn so usually don't hang around long

  52. No. You’re using utilities in the game, like your supposed to. And who cares what people think anyway. You paid your money, play the game as you please. I need to follow you around and see where you be puttin these joints lol

  53. Nah I use them and the warning from tactical cameras. People sleep on the tac cam and it's super good to warn you someone is coming down a hallway or stairs.

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