1. Yes! I love the "we did not receive your fax" excuse for things. I had this exact same thing happen to me and I did the exact same thing that you did, with the exact same results! Love it!

  2. A small part of an IT job I had once was managing the fax software. If you faxed us this software would instead convert it to digital and email the documents internally. It was garbage software that I won't name. It took often hours to send the emails. Causing people to re fax things, slowing the system more.

  3. I used to work in records retrieval and most times, the most reliable way to get records from a hospital was to fax over the request. But yes, no one uses fax anymore.

  4. I had a similar rebate issue. Back at the turn of the century (shudder at that phrase) there was a company who had a unique business model: they’d sell electronics at an obscene markup — all online of course — but if you filled out the proper paperwork, you’d get a full refund.

  5. This is why I prefer to pay with a card and why I continue to be amused at companies that want to be a dick about refunds and returns.

  6. Mom kind of did a similar thing. They gave my sibling money to buy a house. So the bank needs some documents. Mom asked if they needed anything else. They said no. Several days later, they called and wanted more documents. Mom complied and asked if they needed anything else. They said no. When they asked a third time mom faxed everything in the fire safe to them. Old report cards, credit card bills from the last ten years, our drawings er did when we were kids, everything. A couple hundred pages of shit. She asked them if they needed anything else, they said no and never asked for more.

  7. Oh God, I remember this process. We used to call our person “Lady AndThen” like from “Dude Where’s My Car?” She’d call, ask for more things, I’d hang up and say “And Thennnn!?”

  8. It's things like this that make me sad faxing is hardly a thing anymore. Oh, it had so much golden opportunity for revenge.

  9. Makes me miss the days where ISPs would actually trust you with things like "fiber", DNS records of any kind, the ability to use ports below 1024, and the ability to have an upload speed greater than 2MB/s.

  10. I had a manager at my work, who in tiny print put a standard ‘if you can’t read this, contact us please’ line on his faxes…

  11. Why oh why couldn't I have been this savvy in my younger days (or had friends this savvy to give me advice) when I was dealing with a reneging/lying disability insurance company.

  12. At least was not one of the long ones without paragraph, otherwise I would've not been able to finish reading

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