1. I worked in a family homeless shelter for 15 years. Sometimes, it was this emotional to move people into shelter apartments. The relief of having a safe, private, dignified place to live is palpable.

  2. I have spent over 80% of my life in an apartment. Those few years where I was lucky enough to live in a house were truly wonderful. Super happy for these kids and the mom that worked so hard to obtain such a lovely memory factory.

  3. My whole life I lived in a house and now I choose to live in a 800sq ft condo so reading your comment really made me realize more how different two lives can be!

  4. I am 52, have a 12 year old. We have been renters and are finally moving into our own home December 14. We can’t wait!

  5. I wish they would teach money management classes in school , how to use credit cards, how to build credit, etc. I would pay for these classes still today and attend them with my kids. Been working my whole Life And haven’t obtained this.

  6. yeah, I heard that, so heartfelt and precious. I could tell she was trying so hard to keep it together when the big reveal was about to happen. You know this means the world to all of them

  7. I’m sitting here crying. Im a single mom to three kids as well, two boys and a girl. This is the goal right here, a house for your kids to grow up in. I know this woman worked her ass off to make this happen I’m so happy for her and her children.

  8. I liked that after the boys got over their initial excitement they both came over to hug mom. From the video they all seem like great kids. Very few things in life pay off like that it's so nice to see a family this happy.

  9. I can't wait to do this for my son. In two months I'll have been raising him on my own for almost 8 years. We day dream about the house we want, and holy shit does he have expensive taste. He wants at least four pillars.

  10. Well the minimum would need four pillars or it won't stand! Lol For real, I hope for both of you to make your dream come true with as much pillars as possible!

  11. Damn makes me realize some extra privilege I’ve had in life, but that is a nice ass house, no back neighbors too. But teach this girl how locks work that was some buildups

  12. You know it’s true. The nice thing though was everyone was patient and no one shoved her out of the way to do it for her. They let her try till she did it.

  13. If you were a multimillionaire, screw fancy cars and boats. I'd be an a anonymous lender to help single mothers buy homes. Those babies were so excited, made me cry.

  14. If you've shared a small cramped room with multiple siblings then you can't help but weep watching this. Not knowing their exact story in the video, but when you finally secure your own place for your family it's an amazing feeling. When you give children a place of safety it's an unmatched experience.

  15. Damn. This should be within every family’s reach, smh. No one should have to dream about having a house of their own. Praying all our day will come too one day! Over fucking joyed for this family though, got me all emotional

  16. I’m over here bawling my eyes out. I wasn’t expecting this video to affect me like that, but the raw emotion in the moms voice and the kids tears… it hit me hard. I’ve grown up in a tiny, cramped 3-bedroom apartment, and this was the dream I would have every day that one day my parents would finally have enough money to give us a proper house, with a proper yard, and an actual full kitchen…

  17. It was the "welcome home" for me. Due to some childhood stuff, I struggled to feel at home until a couple of years ago. In my 30s.

  18. Anyone who sneers at typical American suburbs and the mass produced houses that fill them should be forced to watch this video. The tears of joy and the leaps of happiness by those kids are a lovely testament to how important housing is. Hooray for that family! May that house be a home where those people find security, comfort and peace.

  19. Can't help but be moved by the joy this video brings. It also reminds me of how the most stressful part of being a realtor was getting in a damn house. Nothing worse than a whole lot of people watching you trying to unlock and open the door, lol!

  20. My god. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the love and admiration they have for one another! Nothing but the best for that family!

  21. This is so awesome. The kids seem so nice, loving and respectful of each other. Love this! Where can I donate.

  22. So many things we often take for granted. They just got a home. Like, for reals. I don't know their story, but to finally have a place you can say is yours. That feeling of finally being able to be you, no strings attached, no face you have to put on for others. That freedom to just BE is remarkable.

  23. I grew up in a 3bd, 2 bath house that my dad built back in the 80s. I've since moved out. Spent the past almost decade apartment hopping due to financial issues. I really hope I can have a moment like this with my wife and daughter before I die.

  24. And such a gorgeous house! Wishing them all many, many years of wonderful memories. Hope mom sees the house filled with grandkids running around.

  25. Amazing!! W Parent, we need more people like this in the world. Does anybody know how mom did this? Taking notes for my future kids

  26. I just saw a sad video and this made me so happy the joy y’all had radiated out through the video I hope you have a great time in your new house

  27. From what it sounds like she's working on her own. How tf she managed to put a down payment on a (at least) four bedroom house I have no fucking idea, especially in this economy.

  28. Having a secure base , is absolutely crucial to development and well being. Not having that takes a serious toll on you. This is a beautiful , happy moment. <3

  29. Not too many posts in this sub actually fulfil the make me smile promise, but man did this one pay dividends. Im so genuinely happy for them - this is pure joy.

  30. So happy for them. I lived with an extended side of the family for almost half of my life. My traumatic experiences where formed there. Leaving that house was liberating. Having your own home makes a world of difference. I hope the best for this family.

  31. So sweet! What a beautiful home, so much light and a great side garden. I hope they make lots of happy memories there.

  32. This is beautiful, that feeling moving out of an apartment into an actual homes. It’s a feeling you really can’t forget.

  33. How can I get connected with this new homeowner and this Family. I remember the first home my fiancé and I mortgaged, we were broke for months after that… A wedding. We took on a lot of risk.

  34. maybe look at the tik tok handle on the video and send them a message instead of trying to farm karma on reddit by sending out a hollow intention

  35. Does everything have to be for the world to see? What happened to special moments being private. This whole “look at what I’ve done” crap is stupid. Everyone wants to win social media points these day!

  36. If you entered a new house for your family by surprise while your mother is filming, is your first thought to take off your shoes at the door? If so, you should think more deeply about the things you do and why.

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