1. This clip has always fascinated me in a different kind of way than just humor. It's like studying animals. The way they are all having a genuine reaction amongst eachother that, by its very nature, perpetuates itself. There is a very real and interesting kind of energy and communication being exchanged here.

  2. You could overlay this sound onto a documentary about rival Chimpanzee clans battling each other and it wouldn’t sound out of place.

  3. That's actually how chimpanzees do communicate. They tighten their vocal chords while they inhale and exhale. We typically only vocalize when we exhale which is rather unique among the great apes.

  4. What makes it even better is that in the full video, if I'm not mistaken, they ask the guy in the grey pull-over why he looks like he's trying to hold his laugh. He then responds he tries to hold it because he has to puke when he laughs, and all the others get into a second huge laughing fit, and you see him die trying to contain his laughter.

  5. That lady’s name is Nassima. She was in the audience on a French talk show and her laugh was picked up by the panellists. They then invited her up and comedy gold ensued.

  6. The woman was "found" in another show. She was in the public, laughed at a joke and killed everyone. The show stopped because no guest or host could stop laughing with her. They asked her on stage.

  7. That was one of the funniest segments I have ever watched even though I cannot understand anything they are saying. I need to try to find this with English subtitles

  8. I remember seeing it on TV when it aired! Basically people were asked to show their laugh, which made the others laugh, and the cycle would feed itself for a while. This show was trashy af but it did have its few funny episodes XD

  9. Oh yeah c'est mon choix, what a fucked up show, it aired like 20 years ago for a while, then came back recently (was it 5 years ago ?) even trashier, but fucking entertaining.

  10. I work in architectural design, and I had to deliver some drawings to an asylum that we had done work on. Getting locked into a secured area, where all you can hear is faint maniacal sounds like this from down long hallways: Do not want that experience again.

  11. She asked him if he is single because of his funny way of laughing, and he said that he hope it wasn’t the case and then laughed. His laugh triggered others to laugh and it just became a loop of each funny laugh triggering the other and so on.

  12. I remember wayching this when it aired. It's still one of the greatest moments in French TV history but sadly, a most underrated one

  13. Saddly, the Show in itself isn't really wholesome and more of a "Freaks of the weeks" show making fun of peoples with particularity or quircky things :/

  14. Plot twist, it's a completely different reason why they are there and all are ordinary people, but French people are weird af.

  15. You could overlay this sound onto a documentary about rival Chimpanzee clans battling each other and it wouldn’t sound out of place.

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