1. I've laughed harder at inadvertantly funny comments in this subreddit than most others trying to be funny across this site.

  2. Craig Jones and Frank Hickman in his corner. For an entirely striking match up, having those two if it turns into a grappling match, good luck to anyone taking on Volk...

  3. I wish there was a compilation of dads talking about fight day nerves. Most likely will get very “macho” answers like “my son got this. I am not worried at all cause I believe in him, etc.” But wanna know what the real feeling is. These fights take years off fighters lives and the parents get better access to seeing what they go through just to recover. Would be interesting

  4. Did you really need to make a post to tell us that a man looks like an older version of his son?

  5. He looks like a more aged Hatchet Harry from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Honestly, if I had to fight the father or the son, I like my chances of at least escaping with my life if I fought the younger Volk. The champ seems like he might take pity on me. I don't get that vibe from his dad.

  6. “I wish I had little titties like that” was an actual thought looking at Volko’s chest. Just flexing in the mirror now…one day

  7. All these smart asses in the comments saying “that’s how genetics work, that’s what being a dad means, etc” then explain why I look WAAAAAY more like my childhood neighbor than I do my dad

  8. I think maybe it's because he looks extremely similar to his dad and seemed to not have any features from his mom. I could be wrong though.

  9. i always wondered where the eastern european part in volk is. guess he left it all with his dad. now that guy look eastern european

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